“Already painted on the map”: the Ukraine threatened by the emergence of a new “Republic” called the leader

"Уже рисуют на карте": Украине грозит появление новой "республики", назван лидер

A portion of Ukraine might secede because of the results of the presidential election

April 21 in Ukraine held a second round of voting: showman Vladimir Zelensky won in all regions except one in Lviv region. Blogger Irina Novokhatny warned on his page on Facebook that now she is threatening to secede, led by Petro Poroshenko.

“I see pace Lviv national Republic forces of the dragons, led by ex-ersatz guarantor is formed much faster than expected. Warming up the “true Ukrainian world” is rapidly outstripping the warming up of the “Russian world” in the Crimea and in the Donbas, where it was slowly and carefully”, — said the author.

"Уже рисуют на карте": Украине грозит появление новой "республики", назван лидер

Irina Novokhatny recalled that residents of Western Ukraine and Lviv region in particular along with all went to fight in the Donbass. With weapons in hand, they defended the integrity of the Ukrainian border. Now the death of soldiers and the efforts of the Ukrainians look useless.

“When citizens 34 of the country chose the candidate who they don’t like, then draw on the map separate areas and FAQs to address the rest of the country. So why go to the Donbass and shouted that this is our land, and the country needs to be United? Logic zero” — summed Irina Novokhatny.

Earlier it was reported how the mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovy decided to repay the winner of an electoral race Zelensky for the failed transaction in the first round. Blogger Elizabeth Bogutska described the story that happened before the first round of the elections:

"Уже рисуют на карте": Украине грозит появление новой "республики", назван лидер

“A Garden and even vengeful was. Remind everyone about his meeting with the candidate Zelensky, in my opinion, in early March. The meeting was hem in the cafe. The mayor of the city Vladimir offered support in round 1 with the corresponding statement aloud about what is removed in favor Zelensky, in response to the fact that Vladimir will nominate him as Prime Minister of the country.”

According to the author, Zelensky sharply refused the offer stating that there are trades positions and will bring an end to the “era of dogovornjakah” in Ukraine. And after that, Andriy Sadovy appealed to the backup candidate Anatoly Gritsenko, who agreed to his terms.

We will remind, elections in Ukraine: the vote by the region.

As reported Politeka, the Garden was left with nothing after the election: “13 years robbed the lions, and now…”.

Politeka also wrote about what could replace Ukraine occupied the Donbas.