Almost summer: forecasters gave “hot” forecast, details

Почти лето: синоптики дали «горячий» прогноз, детали

Weather in Ukraine on Friday, may 17, will be almost summer except for the Western regions of the country

As informs hydrometeorological centre, weather in Ukraine may 17, will appreciate the markings on the thermometers. Especially it will be hot in the South – up to +30°C, the Eastern and Northern areas are not far behind, where the air warms up to 27°C.

As for the Western regions, there will be, firstly, unlike the rest of the Ukraine, rainy, and secondly, cool. In The Afternoon +19…+23°C.

East wind will blow with a speed of 5-10 m/s.

Weather in Ukraine may 17:

The West — as already noted, cool and rainy, namely +11…+14 °C at night, + 17…+24 day. Thunderstorms will be night, the clouds over the region do not disperse during the day. In the daytime also, the probability of precipitation.

North — no rain. At night +14…+16°C, daytime + 23…+25.

East — +13…+15 hours, +25…+27 in the afternoon. Cloudy.

The center is Sunny and dry. Thunderstorms are expected only in Khmelnytskyi and Zhytomyr regions. At night +14…+16, day +24…+26.

South — no rain, Sunny. +11…+13 at night and during the day the air warms up to +27…+30°C.

In Crimea, partly cloudy weather, no precipitation. At night +14…+16, in the afternoon +27…+29.

Weather in the capital will be Sunny and almost summer. Night in Kiev, a column of thermometers will show +14…+16 and day +23…+25°C.

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