Alma of solidarity

mya-samuel-recemment-recu-greffeBoth suffering from a rare genetic disease, chronic granulomatous, Mya and Samuel Alma will spend much of the summer holed up at home. But thanks to the generosity of business people, their environment will be a little more comfortable.

Touched by the story of this family jeannoise, the company Ventilation Jonquière JMY installed a free air conditioning system in the trendy residential and Mya Samuel, who have just received a bone marrow transplant. In addition to cool on hot days, this system will allow better air filtration, which is essential for these children, the humanitarian system is almost nonexistent.

Mya is back in his home for this week. JMY ventilation should also install the system before his arrival.

“It’s amazing what they did. This is an incredible boost for us. We could not be content with our air conditioner in the window because it filters the air from the outside, which involves risks for our children. It was absolutely necessary to have a new system. And besides, it took before we return. They even moved guests to come and help us, “expresses Marc-Andre Fortin, the father of two children.

His son Samuel is still in Montreal with his mother, where he also received a bone marrow transplant. It should come home in three weeks. He and his sister, aged one and six, are also rare cases to be grafted to the Sainte-Justine Hospital for this disease.

Parents were able to a few months of their two children were suffering from chronic granulomatous. The couple had no choice but to stop work to care full time for Mya and Samuel. People who suffer from this disease are very sensitive to bacteria and fungi. “We knew for Mya when she had a lymph node in the neck. They realized that a bacterium was behind it. And this bacterium is one of those that are found in tap water, and everyone drinks. So even the smallest bacteria can become a danger, “explains Marc-André Fortin.

father and one of the owners of Ventilaton JMY, Marc-Andre Allaire was touched by the story of the Fortin family.

“We are entrepreneurs with young families. It is obvious that this particular situation affected us. How not to be? We are very happy to help these children spend a great summer, “says the businessman, who donated in excess of $ 3,500.

Transplantation of bone marrow requires, both children will stay home for more than 10 months. And if all goes as planned, Mya and Samuel will somehow healed and could resume a normal life. “We hope that everything works. It should take several precautions at home to the transplant a success. But we are very optimistic, “drops the father of two children.

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