Alma College: Sophia and Pierre-Alexandre, athletes of the year

sophia-wieland-ete-sacree-athleteSophia Wieland (volleyball and soccer) and Pierre-Alexandre Cordero (football) were crowned athletes of the year on Wednesday night at the Gala recognition of Alma College. The well-established event has reward thirty student-athletes both in sports, and cultural, social and community.

On the women’s side, the versatile Wieland Sophia received the title of Athlete of the Year. The graduate was named the star team in both soccer volleyball in Division 2. In a statement to announce the recipients, it underlines his desire to deliver the best performance and progress in the sport. She also received athletic performance award in both sports.

The male honor went to quarterback Jeannois, Pierre-Alexandre Cordero. Also ending, it was named the best quarterback in the division 3 with 1300 yards in six games. It was also used as a receiver, accumulating an average of 24 yards per catch. It will evolve with the Green and Gold of the University of Sherbrooke next season. His coach, Mathieu Brassard, who led the Jeannois the series, was named coach of the year while training he heads won the team title of the year.

The reward for volunteer involvement of the Year was awarded to Audrey Goulet, who has organized many cultural activities during the past year. The price of the theater performance went to Elizabeth Maltais. Frederique Bouchard (cross country), Mathieu Blanchette (hockey) and Alex Guérin (men’s soccer) were capped securities of sports performance in their respective sports.

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