Ally Yanukovych was caught on a big lie: “PR on the bones”

Соратницу Януковича подловили на грандиозном вранье: «Пиарится на костях»

Network scandal because of the ardent “Amateur” fugitive ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, who lied, saying the tragedy in the trade unions Building in Odessa

This was reported by the journalist Denis Kazansky on his page in Facebook.

“Today, of course, got a lot of fans of PR on the bones of the dead on may 2 in Odessa. Among them regionalka-ukrainofobkoy Olena Lukash, who wanted to parasight hatred and otvetstvennyy posted a photo from Odessa with toupin “fascist” — he said.

Today sure got a lot of fans of PR on the bones of the dead on may 2 in Odessa. Among them…

Posted by Denis Kazan on Thursday, May 2, 2019

Moreover, Kazan said, what was the purpose of Lucas publishing such lies.

“Original image easy to Google, there’s no guy with the arm bandage in the foreground. But without it, the less scary. And Lucas need more likes, more hype. She wants to Rada, so you need a stronger pump. More hatred, more fear. More, more, more”, — he stressed.

As previously reported, the security guard of ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych gave a detailed itinerary for your boss

The employee of Management of state guard Oles Sharan admitted that soprovozhdal the head of state from 21 to 23 January 2014. His eyes Viktor Yanukovych tried to escape from Ukraine to Russia. The guard described the whole path of the fugitive President.

Соратницу Януковича подловили на грандиозном вранье: «Пиарится на костях»

As you know, during the Maidan, Viktor Yanukovych escaped from Kiev and went to Kharkov. According to the guard, from the President and entourage went to the South of the country. Transport from regional administration has granted the Governor of Kharkov Mikhail Dobkin. Oles Sharan noted that Yanukovych fled not one. In the evening of 22 February, under the Donetsk to the presidential motorcade was joined by Victor, the younger son of a politician. He came from the Zaporizhia region.

23 February, about three o’clock in the morning a group of Viktor Yanukovych stopped in the middle of a field near the city of Melitopol. There landed 3 military helicopters. The guard said that it was the Russian model of the MI-8. They brought older and younger Yanukovych on the territory of Russia, in Anapa. From there they were flown to the Crimea.

On the Peninsula the ex-President joined former Secretary of the NSDC Andriy Klyuyev, the head of the interior Ministry Vitaly Zakharchenko, the head of the SBU Alexander Yakimenko and the chief of the General staff Yuri Ilyin. In Yalta, Yanukovych stayed in motels, which was already seized of the defense Ministry. Among the guards was a rumor that in the Crimea for the arrest of Yanukovych went Arsen Avakov and Valentyn Nalyvaychenko.

Соратницу Януковича подловили на грандиозном вранье: «Пиарится на костях»

We will remind, Yanukovych will go to jail: Dobkin told about the secret conversation.

As reported Politeka, disclosed the truth about the relationship between Yanukovych and Putin, “was on the edge of the abyss”.

Also Politeka wrote that the militants made an offer to Yanukovych: “we will be able to come back.”