Ally Poroshenko robbed millions of Ukrainians, the details of the Scam are striking: “I was a soldier, but the Fuhrer had ordered”

Соратник Порошенко обворовал миллионы украинцев, детали аферы поражают: "Я был солдатом, а фюрер приказывал"

A new member of the party of Petro Poroshenko “European solidarity” caught on Grand theft Ukrainians

Blogger and candidate for Maxim Buzhansky reported this on his page in Facebook. He explained that the people of Ukraine need to do to protect yourself from the cheeky robbery in the future.

A few days ago the Director of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory Vladimir vyatrovich decided to join the team of Petro Poroshenko and to join his party of “European solidarity”. He announced his decision in a video on Facebook. Volodymyr Vyatrovych stated that it shared the program of the party and assured that he would fight for “Ukrainian” changes in Ukraine’s Parliament.

Соратник Порошенко обворовал миллионы украинцев, детали аферы поражают: "Я был солдатом, а фюрер приказывал"

“Viatrovych on the page advertises the seminar “How to negotiate with the past.” You know, 5 years of total attempts to muddle this thing gone far and wide, was a complete failure. Now we have to look for some other concept”, — said Maxim Buzhansky.

The blogger appealed to Ukrainians and asked them their version of how to radically change the situation in Ukraine. According to him, parliamentary elections will have to get rid of Petro Poroshenko and all his supporters, leaving the old regime behind policy. This is not to give the old deputies no favors:

“Kick the fuck all the elections that at least a carcass, even stuffed, had to do with BPP. Total cleanup, not the root, but the roots, behind the ears, and into the bucket. No second chances, no – I was a soldier, and the Fuehrer ordered anything of this. 5 years of life. It was not enough that they stole them, tried to steal all the previous, plus the lives of parents and their parents.”

Maxim Buzhansky noted that in modern conditions to talk about the future makes no sense. He said that Volodymyr viatrovych and his Institute took the Ukrainians, millions of hryvnia. He also ignored the position of many of his countrymen.

Соратник Порошенко обворовал миллионы украинцев, детали аферы поражают: "Я был солдатом, а фюрер приказывал"

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Соратник Порошенко обворовал миллионы украинцев, детали аферы поражают: "Я был солдатом, а фюрер приказывал"

“They have no future. I’ll just remind you that personally, viatrovych was trying to steal from each of you. To decide for you when you work and when to rest, what to celebrate and what is not, when to congratulate and when to celebrate what you live, not blown away by the pile of ashes. To dambitis s minulym, it was necessary not to lie and not to steal one hundred million hryvnia, allocated to the Institute of National Remembrance. There was no need to spit in the face to veterans and their descendants, there was no need to humiliate millions of people. And now, too late,” — said Maxim Buzhansky.

The blogger also appealed to the voters. He noted that Ukrainians share different political sympathies and plan to vote in the parliamentary elections for different parties. That’s how democracy works. At the same time, Maxim Buzhansky urged to deprive the party of Poroshenko support.

“Everyone in the district is bpsych, small, large, fully outright scum or not yet had time to become famous, but greedily clinging to power. It Viatrovych. One collective viatrovych. Hybrid, a cross between a Viatrovych with Poroshenko, announced Paruby and sprinkled with Irina Gerashchenko. They are hoping that you gobble. Well here is the bench, here’s a piece made for the budget money of the road, so the festival barnyard with free beer. Take it all. And Ugarte them on the 21st of July, as vzharil in may. Believe me, I will not crush him, they will want to erase us. Anyone, but not STDs, that’s what I offer you,” concluded the potential member of Parliament.

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