Ally of Tymoshenko “was given to the wolves” Zelensky: “caught for indecent occupation”

Соратницу Тимошенко "отдали на растерзание" Зеленскому: "застали за непристойным занятием"

Senior program ЧистоNews Eugene Mishka spoke about effective method of combating the ear in Parliament.

The corresponding video published on the official channel in YouTube ЧистоNews.

The people’s Deputy from the party “Batkivshchyna” Aleksandra Kuzhel caught on the ear in Parliament.

“In the Verkhovna Rada Deputy from the party “Fatherland” once again caught in the ear. This time card debt fell to Aleksandra Kuzhel”, — he said.

Соратницу Тимошенко "отдали на растерзание" Зеленскому: "застали за непристойным занятием"

Mishka made a joke about how President can deal with the problem in Parliament.

“We offered the Vladimir Zelensky to initiate legislation and to seat the representatives of one faction in different corners of the session hall. If this does not help in the fight against the ear, then at least do pusher, running from place to place, be in good physical shape,” said the host.

Ukrainians have a questions to the leader of the party “Batkivshchyna” Yulia Tymoshenko

In the story it says that the network has surfaced the facts that a politician would like to conceal.

Video authors are interested in how Tymoshenko will explain the penetration in the lists of his party’s well-known personalities.

So, the top ten list of the political power of Tymoshenko will include Kirilenko, Kozhemyakin, Nemyria, Vlasenko and Dubel, the source of the party called another 5 names from the top ten of the electoral list of “Batkivshchyna”.

As previously reported, the party of Vladimir Zelensky “servant of the people” offered in their political power for money.

Your story with the channel “direct” shared veteran ATU activist Alexander Redko. According to him, he was asked to join the party of the President as a member. The activist was ready to do it when it became clear that all is not so simple.

Соратницу Тимошенко "отдали на растерзание" Зеленскому: "застали за непристойным занятием"

According to Redko, representatives of the “Servants of the people” demanded money from him for a place in the party.

“They asked me: are you ready to devote to the campaign as a member from the” public Servants “budget of about $ 300 000? I was a bit surprised. This was a surprising amount for me,” said the activist.

He stated that he asked representatives of the party that I was going for that kind of money, but never heard a normal study.

We will remind that deputies of the utterly brazen, a video has revealed all the secrets are Happy.

As reported Politeka, CEC cancels early elections, voiced the reason.

Politeka also reported that the MP was caught in a strange occupation in the Parliament.