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The american press revealed the existence of a sect where the women are marked in iron red, hungry, beaten, and manipulated by the leader, who gets them sexual favors. His right arm would be Allison Mack, the former star of the series Smallville.

Last October 17, the New York Times published a terrible investigation, ” a secret group where women are marked in iron red “. According to the many information obtained by the american newspaper, Keith Raniere, 57 years, would be a guru at the head of a mysterious organization that stretches across the United States, Canada and Mexico. Since the 1990s, nearly 16 000 people are reported to have been “helped” by NXIVM, a group whose official goal is to help people to achieve and to regain control of their lives. Most have completed a few workshops or lectures of the master, before returning to a normal life. But some women, invited to join a secret society within the group NXIVM, would have been trapped.

The sisterhood, called DOS (for Dominus Obsequious Sororium, “the master at the top of the women” in latin), consists of several circles, each headed by a ” mistress “, with six “slaves” under his orders. Sarah Edmonson, who was a member of NXIVM for a decade, told the New York Times how she had been recruited to integrate one of these circles. A “rock star” of the organization arrived last January in his hometown of Vancouver, to run workshops. Shortly after her arrival, she spoke to him about the secret society. To integrate, it was necessary that Sarah gives her naked pictures and compromising documents. A means of pressure to ensure that she keeps the secret.

According to Sarah Edmonson, there are indeed a lot to hide, starting with the rite of passage ritual. Last march, she went with four other women in a house of the State of New York. He was told that she would have to get a tattoo, but the reality was quite different : he was, as she tells it, asked to undress and lie down on a massage table. The “mistress” would have him ordered to say : “Mistress, mark me please, it would be an honor. “While three other women held up a doctor to him would be burned the red iron a symbol of 5 cm on the hips. A very painful procedure, which lasted between 20 and 30 minutes. “I cried all the time, says Sarah. I am dissociated from my body. “She left the sect shortly after, traumatized by this experience.

Sarah Edmonson is not the only one to speak up : of other, older members tell the New York Times the training undergone by the ” slaves “. With the goal of becoming a force acting ” for the good “, they were to be subjected to a discipline rather than military. “[My recruiting] described as a bootcamp for women badass, ” says another ex-member. It was in fact a succession of psychological pressure, beatings, fasting required, because the guru’s don’t like the thin women, and punishment equipment. Once formed, the “slaves” could, in their turn, become “mistresses” and have their own circle. A pyramid scheme on top of which there would be, according to the information of the Daily Mail, the actress Allison Mack.

Best known for her role of Chloe Sullivan in the series Smallville, little active since the end of the series in 2010, Allison Mack is close to Keith Raniere for many years. On her official website, she describes it as a “mentor” with whom she shares a ” deep connection “. There are videos on YouTube where you can see her interview the founder of NXVIM, drinking his words. According to Frank Parlato, a former spokesman for the group, which has since opened a blog denouncing the actions of the sect, Allison Mack would be more than a mere adherent. It would be a “recruiting” key to the DOS program and the “harem” of Keith Raniere, and would she even suggested some corporal punishment. It is to be noted that there are two symbols engraved on the BACK members. The first represents the initial KR of Keith Raniere, the second with the letters… AM.

According to the New York Times, several former members of NXVIM have denounced the behavior of Keith Raniere, accusing him of having manipulated people, had sex with their members, and imposed on women of the regimes draconian. As reported in the newspaper, since the opening of the blog of Frank Parlato, many people have discovered the hidden face of the organisation, and are parties. Many others, however, remain, such as India, the daughter of the actress Dynasty Catherine Oxenberg. Fearing that his 26 year old girl is threatened and forced to starve, she met other potential victims to collaborate with the teams of the attorney general of the State of New York. For its part, the group NXVIM disclaims any block in a press release and announced that it ” will consider all legal actions to correct these lies.”

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