Alleged attempted kidnapping: police investigate

(Trois-Rivieres) The Public Safety Three Rivers confirmed that it is conducting checks in three different cases regarding alleged attempted abductions in Trois-Rivieres, the end of last week. However, Public Safety is reassuring stating that we can not yet confirm that this is attempted abductions, and that it is still too early to make a link between the three events.
Recall that on Saturday a mother of Trois-Rivières presentation on social networks that a lady had tried to raise her daughter, who was then under the supervision of his grandfather, the Rivers Mall. The suspect would have claimed it was her granddaughter she had found. Fortunately, the grandfather intervened stating that it was a mistake and left with her granddaughter.

“We made a statement for this event, and another that would have occurred last June 5 to Cape Gallery. The mother in this second case has notified us of the facts after having read the first story on social networks, “says the officer Michel Letarte, Public Security. In this case, occurred a week earlier, a woman would have approached a young boy who was with her mother. According to testimony, the lady would put his hand on the boy’s shoulder, but the mother watchful quickly away with his son.

Finally, a third event was reported Sunday at the Public Safety Three Rivers about a girl who was at the park in the street Jean-Paul Lavergne, who was arrested, she and her group of friends, a white female who was accompanied by a black man. The events allegedly occurred Saturday, and the girl has quickly gone back home.

“We need to check some things in connection with the descriptions provided. In one case, we are told of a lady of 35-40 years. In the other case, it would be a lady in her fifties. There may be interpretations, perceptions that must also be considered. The ways of the three cases do not necessarily correspond, but there are several things to check before entering into a kidnapping attempt. One of our investigators is on the record and we will also do audits of shopping centers where products are the events, “says the officer Michel Letarte.

In all cases, the agent Letarte welcomes parents to have had the sense to advise Public Safety. “This is the thing to do. We will work to identify these people and push a little further. But we can not conclude that a kidnapping attempt as early “reports Letarte agent.

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