Alla Pugacheva almost died because of plastic surgery

69-year-old Alla Pugacheva did not disclose the secret of her youth, but she did a close friend. She confirmed the speculation of the fans that for the sake of beauty diva went under the surgeon’s knife.

This spring, Alla Pugacheva is going to celebrate its 70th anniversary. However, looking at the blossoming singer in stylish outfits it’s hard to believe that soon she will exchange the eighth decade. Diva looks much younger than his age and most of your peers can only envy her appearance.

In our time, to maintain the beauty and youthfulness if you have money, you can use all sorts of creams and various cosmetic procedures. However, many fans believe that the secret of ageless Alla reason is quite different. According to them, its a young kind the artist is obliged plastic surgeons.

Pugacheva herself has never commented on rumors about plastic moved. However, a friend of the singer confirmed that she at least once was rejuvenated at the expense of the operation.

According to “StarHit” this recognition did Mila A., who met with Alla Borisovna about four decades ago – in the days when a diva was married to second husband Alexander Stefanovich. Moreover, she stated that this operation nearly cost the artist’s life.

According to Mila Andreevna, plastic Pugacheva decided then for the sake of the beloved composer Sergei Chelobanova. He was 12 years younger than Alla and, apparently, the performer did not want to look older than her partner, so she went to drastic measures.

“Alla and went to the clinic in Switzerland and had plastic surgery,” said a friend of the divas – “the Operation was unsuccessful, she brought infection”.
As it turned out, after an unsuccessful plastics Pugacheva the temperature began to rise, and she began to lose weight. Says Mila A., the skinny singer softly curled.

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But to seek the assistance of the Swiss doctors who were responsible for the deterioration of her health, the singer did not. When she “became very sick”, Alla confided to the Moscow experts who set her on her feet.

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