“All is lost”: Zelensky was “not” the President, revealing photos

"Всё пропало": Зеленский оказался "не тем" президентом, разоблачающее фото

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky and his chief of staff Andrei Bogdan surprised Ukrainians funny the

Judging by the photos, the President and his associates were together at a public event. At this time, with the showman asked to take a picture of a young man. Vladimir Zelensky has granted the request of guy and ended up in embarrassment in social networks.

The head of the presidential Administration and the lawyer of the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky Andrei Bogdan has shown a friendly deceit, and ruined the photograph. He crept up to the guarantor and the young man , and then with a sly smile quietly put both “horns” of the fingers that hit the camera lens.

"Всё пропало": Зеленский оказался "не тем" президентом, разоблачающее фото

Meanwhile, the President continued to sit, unaware of the trick. He probably learned the act of Andrew Bogdan only when the photo was published in ostalnyh networks.

Many users of the social network with a sense of humor praised the act of the head of Administration. They came to the conclusion that now came to power, the common people, which is not alien to ordinary human mischief. It’s much better stripped caps and tweaks by the nose, as it happened in the days of Poroshenko:

“And maloprimetny nedumaran much bile and choking. Neunbrunnen like to be chocolate for noses twitched and caps removed”; “Used to look at important PU*newsig uncles, cultural shock, everything was gone: the President is a human being”; “Freely, simply, openly, easily. Cool!”.

"Всё пропало": Зеленский оказался "не тем" президентом, разоблачающее фото "Всё пропало": Зеленский оказался "не тем" президентом, разоблачающее фото

Earlier, the President laid out in the social network Instagram photos, which also caused a big stir. The picture shows Vladimir Zelensky with Andrew Bogdan and his deputies had a bite of the Shawarma and coffee. Street food doesn’t quite fit the President, but the showman is not confused. He noted in the post that fast food helps to allay, if absolutely no time for a full lunch.

“When you have a busy schedule, Shawarma might be the solution. In this, as you can see, there is nothing wrong, uncomfortable and all the more shameful. Also helps not to “bronze”, not to break away from people. For those who are in power, it is useful. I recommend it” — explained his action by Vladimir Zelensky.

Recall, Zelensky said about the “mass cleansing”: who was the first to fly out of Happy.

As reported Politeka, helicopter crash Mat: Zelensky gave an urgent order, details.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky swung on the orders of Poroshenko on the front, surfaced details: “a Good sign”.