“All end”: Komarov was on the verge of death, details

"Все, конец": Комаров оказался на грани смерти, подробности

Well-known presenter and traveler Dmitry Komarov almost died during the filming

The program “the World inside out” allowed the journalist to visit different parts of the world. However, as it turned out, these trips were not always safe. About your worst experience Komarov said in an interview LifeStyle24.

The journalist admitted that he had faced many dangers while filming in Brazil. There were a few moments when his life literally hung in the balance.

“This is one of the worst, maybe the worst moment in my life. The Iguazu falls capsized raft (inflatable boat– ed.) and I was under water. From that moment on everything went as I imagined… At some point flashed: “If I’m not going to push something, the end. Really all end here?”. As a journalist, I thought, “God, what have I done! House all know from the news that I died in Brazil?””, — told the leading.

"Все, конец": Комаров оказался на грани смерти, подробности

According to him, at some point he saw the light and struggled swam to meet him. The boat was already pulled on the rope.

Another terrible event occurred, when the bandit sent to the host gun.

“One day, on the way to an interview, we pulled up and held to my temple the barrel of a gun. This is probably even more dangerous than rafting, given the attitude of Brazilian bandits for human life. We went with the police to murder and for one night filmed five such tragedies. Life was not worth anything,” — said Komarov.

Earlier, we wrote about the fact that Dmitry Komarov showed subscribers a new candid photo of a woman in lingerie.

"Все, конец": Комаров оказался на грани смерти, подробности

Corresponding frame he has published on his page in Instagram.

“Hello seals. Continue to show the photo for XXL magazine. And of course, waiting for your witty comments,” the message reads.

We will remind that Dmitry Komarov revealed the truth about the scandal with the shooting in Brazil.

As reported Politeka, Dmitry Komarov was shot in Brazil.

Also Politeka wrote that Dmitry Komarov lost in the expedition.