Alien from Nibiru lives in Ohio and is not afraid to show it

Инопланетянин с Нибиру живет в Огайо и не боится показываться на людях

Anunnaki’ve noticed three times, and he continues to walk around in the homes of local residents. It could not forget the expedition, according to ufologists.

Recently in the small town of mount Vernon, in the U.S. in Ohio, there were some alarming reports about the appearance of strange creatures.

Since August this year, the state authorities, news agencies and ufologists, what they failed to notice the unusual skinny humanoid, walking in the city.

The first report of the alien appeared on August 19 on the official website of mount Vernon. Then the witnesses drew a picture and handed it to the authorities. It was a picture of a tall alien with a growth from 2 to 2.5 meters. His hands and feet were especially thin and the longest.

In a statement on the official website of the city indicated that on July 31, 20 kilometers away from mount-Vernon local resident noticed in a cornfield fancy long humanoid alien. His skin was yellowish brown, and the body had absolutely no hair.

Ufologists, namely Ron McGlone has studied all the statements of people about the alien, and came to the conclusion, they remind the anunnaku with Nibiru. The fact is that the body, legs, arms and neck of planet X were very thin. Eye – black. Skinny alien from Nibiru ran across a corn field and then crossed the road right in front of the car of the witness.

Инопланетянин с Нибиру живет в Огайо и не боится показываться на людях

After this statement about the meeting with Anunnaki from planet X August 17, another local resident told the local Sheriff about seeing an unusual creature. The man went into the woods and heard an unusual sound, like the cry of a dinosaur. However, it was the same humanoid.

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An alien from Nibiru instantly took out the mobile of the witness, that he did not have time to photograph him. In the result the man had to flee to his car and leave the forest. This is the third message about meeting Anunnaki appeared the day before. In the same mount Vernon, the old woman saw himself in the basement of a tall and thin stranger.

He just came to the local resident and left. UFO researcher LON Strickler stated that all three cases describe the same creature. Experts agree that the planet X is simply forgotten on the Ground the rest of the aliens from Nibiru. Therefore, Anunnaki wanders the town in search of the necessary parts for your communication device to send the message to your fellows.

The alien did not hesitate to be seen, as could be on the Ground very long. All of his suffering has passed, and the alien from Nibiru forced to act.

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