Alibasov waiting for a new operation, doctors revealed details: “I Hope…”

Алибасова ждет новая операция, медики раскрыли детали: «Надеемся, что...»

Hospitalized ex-participant of group “on-On” Bari Alibasov waiting for a new operation

This is reported by doctors, reports Mash.

“In the near future Bari Alibasov can undergo surgery and the doctors are preparing for a tracheostomy”, — stated in the message.

At the same time, journalists say, for the operation there is only one condition.

“During this procedure, introduced into the trachea a tube that provides a flow of air into the respiratory tract. The doctors decided to operate on producer after joint discussion. The only condition is to stabilize the condition of Bari Alibasov. Now doctors are waiting for this. I hope that everything goes well”, — underlined in the message.

Алибасова ждет новая операция, медики раскрыли детали: «Надеемся, что...»

As previously reported, the former participant of group “on-On” told about the state of Bari Alibasov in intensive care. Vladimir Levkin said that Bari Alibasov will hold on painkillers.

The actor said that after that the producer may make the surgery.

“I have the latest information about the dire state and that it is necessary to wait three days to decide what to cut or not to cut. Three days he will be on pain meds before surgery and any conclusions to do at all,” said Vladimir Levkin.

Earlier it was reported that the as Bari Alibasov is estimated as very heavy.

According to Russian media reports, musical producer Bari Alibasov went into a coma. This happened from complications of severe diseases, which the artist has had many years ago.

However, this message, like the previous one – about the death of Alibasov, denied assistant celebrity Vadim Gorjanci. Neither of which coma out of the question, he commented.

By the way, on June 6, the famous producer turns 72.

Birthday Alibasov will spend in intensive care research Institute. Sklifosofskiy. It is reported that though the patient is in critical condition but breathing on his own (without the ventilator).

Алибасова ждет новая операция, медики раскрыли детали: «Надеемся, что...»

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