Alfredsson keeps his councilor

daniel-alfredsson-sera-retour-titreDaniel Alfredsson had already announced his intention to bring his family to Ottawa, it only remained to know what position he would occupy with the Ottawa Senators.

Now we know, it will retain the same functions as the last season, those senior advisor of hockey operations. The former number 11 Senators agreed a one-year contract extension, announced on Monday the club.

43 years old, Alfredsson hit in several different spheres of hockey operations last year, giving a hand to coaches occasionally during training in addition to screening and management with the leaders of the team. He was not interested in the assistant coach Guy Boucher still to fill, nor an assistant general manager Pierre Dorion or any other function with better defined responsibilities within the management.

“I am pleased to continue in the same position as last year, it was a nice challenge staff to learn a new position and all that comes with it. I could touch many aspects of hockey operations and I hope to help and contribute even more this year, with more experience, “said Alfredsson during a conference call with local media after confirming his return.

“I met Guy (Boucher) and Marc (Crawford, his partner) briefly, I’m sure we will talk about my role here at the beginning of the season, and with Shean Donovan ( manager of player development). They will have a big say in there … but I was not interested in a different position, relocating the family, hockey and change schools, it will be a hectic year, I thought it would be perfect to keep the same job for another year and Peter agreed, “said the father of four children, who lived in Detroit during the past two years after playing last season as a player with the Red Wings in 2013-2014.

He is busy in preparing for a first draft, next week in Buffalo, Alfredsson has not yet determined a date for the move, being always in search of a new residence in the capital.

Management is pleased

His boss Pierre Dorion is happy to keep serving him.

“Daniel brings a refreshing perspective and a unique look at our work in hockey operations. We believe that we can learn from his experiences last year and will continue to be an indispensable asset to our staff, “Dorion said in a statement.

“We are delighted to find Daniel in the hockey department Senators, for his part, stressed the owner Eugene Melnyk. It is wonderful to know that Daniel and his family will return to Ottawa and they will settle again in the national capital. I welcome the contribution that Daniel will bring it back in our hockey club and our community. ”

Need we recall that Daniel Alfredsson, 43, played 17 of his 18 NHL seasons in a Senators uniform, which he is the leader of all time for goals, assists and point both in season (426- 682-1108) in series (51-49-100) and other records of the franchise held.

A “signature event” connected to Senators
The Ottawa office 2017 and the Ottawa Senators have invited the local media to a press conference Tuesday afternoon to announce details of a “signature event whose purpose is to honor one of the symbols most important of Canada on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of our country “, is it specified. The invitation states, however, that it is not there an announcement relating to the holding of an outdoor Senators game, coveted by the team owner Eugene Melnyk and Mayor Jim Watson in part of the celebration as well as those surrounding the centenary of the NHL.

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