Alexandre Cloutier wants to give power back to regions

gauche-droite-ancien-ministre-guy(Trois-Rivieres) One of the candidates for the leadership of the Parti Quebecois, Alexandre Cloutier, was visiting Trois-Rivières on Tuesday to present his program and the personalities who support his candidacy in the region.

Among these supports, Cloutier can count on the former Minister Guy Julien, the former member for Nicolet-Yamaska, Michel Morin, the regional president of the Parti Quebecois, Martin Beaudry, Young Presidents of the PQ in the electoral districts of Three -Rivières and Maskinonge and on Pierre Clouatre, regional treasurer of the PQ.

According to Mr. Beaudry, more than a half dozen regional presidents in Quebec support the candidate.

“Regional development will be at the heart of my commitments during this race,” said Mr. Cloutier who is MP for Lac-Saint-Jean for nine years and now in its second leadership race.

“There are many similarities between the region of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean and Mauricie region. Several issues are common us, “he said.

“It’s obvious to me that the future of the regions through the small business and entrepreneurial culture,” he said.

Mr. Cloutier, if he becomes leader and takes power, wants to “consolidate services to our entrepreneurs” and “together once and for all the economic development assistance, financing and aid to export.”

Mr. Cloutier has give power to the regions. As the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, “I am well placed to defend the voice of the regions,” he said.

“Without the Mauricie, the Parti Québécois will never be in power,” he says. “It is not normal that we have lost all counties in the region of Mauricie. It is for us to do better, to be more present. ”

Asked about his position on assistance to victims of pyrrhotite in Mauricie, Mr. Cloutier acknowledges that “it is a national tragedy. It is clear that we can not let down the citizens, “he said.

The question of the health system as the candidate concerned. Citing the report of the Commissioner for Public Health made it a few weeks ago, Mr. Cloutier said noted that “we have the worst emergency services in the West.”

The applicant proposes to review the powers granted to healthcare professionals. He wants to put particular foreground the work of nurse practitioners.

“There are three in five who present in emergency rooms in Quebec, in reality, could have their problem solved by a specialist nurse if we gave permission,” he said.

The candidate also wants to change the working hours of Family Medicine Groups and create a “fast track in emergencies,” he said, that is to say, a way to see a doctor and another to consult with other professionals health.

The candidate wants to launch eight yards on sovereignty as early as October if he becomes party leader to “concretely define the project of independence as it should be.”

Former Minister Guy Julien Cloutier said support first and foremost to his youth. “It is time that young people take place. Second, Alexander is a guy who will be able to manage the state, “he says. “It’s fine to talk about referendum, but we also manage the state.” The idea of ​​holding eight yards on sovereignty remind him that Quebec had met with Jean Lesage.

Michel Morin feels also arrested by the eight projects proposed by the candidate for the party leadership.

“It picked me. When we have the results of these projects there, we will be able to have a strong program to present to Quebecers in 2018. Since 1995, there is a little fuzzy in our party. There, we will have the answers, “he said, regarding the consequences of sovereignty.

Alexandre Cloutier Mauricie return within a week to go and meet people further north in the region.

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