Alexandre Cloutier wants to counter the erosion of employment in the regions

depute-lac-saint-jean-assembleeThe member for Lac-Saint-Jean in the National Assembly and candidate for the leadership of the Parti Quebecois, Alexandre Cloutier, offers Quebecers regions to establish effective economic structure to counter the erosion of employment in both sectors private and public to better support developers, and, from their academic learning.

The candidate held a press briefing on the Sainte-Anne’s Cross site overlooking the entire immediate Chicoutimi to fully felt its commitment to regional concerns, unlike the Liberal government “that has undermined” structures regional economic development. The member for Lac-Saint-Jean recalled that two years ago, the region of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean has lost 2,000 jobs while the Prime Minister Philippe Couillard had conflicting commitments with the creation of 250 000 jobs in Quebec .

Ads like those of CIUSSS Thursday morning will do nothing the economy with additional cuts of $ 15 million which will result in job cuts and service in a network that is the subject of centralization .

“Philippe Couillard and the Quebec Liberal Party have axed the economic levers of our regions and support for our SMEs. Under my leadership, a Parti Quebecois government will restore our entrepreneurs and SMEs the tools to grow, create jobs and enrich us throughout our territory, “said Alexandre Cloutier.

The candidate for the leadership of the Parti Quebecois proposes to significantly change the creatures government’s economic role by changing the role of Investissements Quebec “who is content now to take the banker function.” Alexandre Cloutier will therefore consolidate the functions of economic development, exports and financing under the same umbrella to make life easier for entrepreneurs. It maintains that at this time a contractor of a Quebec region wishing to export abroad has no choice as dialing a phone number beginning with 514. He also cited the situation in regions like the Gaspé where entrepreneurs must do 200 kilometers to obtain services.

“The Fleurons”

Alexandre Cloutier also intends to launch the program “rosettes”. This is, according to his vision of an “ambitious plan to identify 100 high-growth companies and their offer personalized support from Investissement Quebec and development”, the future economic creature of a Parti Quebecois government. The MP is convinced that Quebec is packed with a multitude of companies whose growth potential is waiting to be propelled.

During the briefing, the contestant was accompanied by the Parti Quebecois MP for Chicoutimi, Mireille Jean, who has achieved business success in the field of high technology. She reiterated the importance for the state to support good people who have ideas or projects. “Our main resource is people, and we must help them,” argued the member who chose to support the candidacy of Alexandre Cloutier.

It endorses unreservedly the ideas for economic development and maintains that economic development should not depend only large companies specializing in the exploitation of resources, even if these actors should play an important role in regional economies .

René-Lévesque Member of Parliament for (North Shore), Martin Ouellet, has shown the failure of the economic policy of the current government. Official figures confirm that this region, which benefited from the mining boom, has now lost 1600 people in two years. The North Shore is facing a significant reduction in the price of resources (especially iron), and must, according to the deputy, diversify the economy. So she needs as a region of mechanisms adapted to their reality and above all easily accessible for developers.

To complement this strategy, Alexandre Cloutier takes the commitment to integrate general education of all Quebecers courses on economics and more to significantly increase the funding of the Fondation entrepreneurship.

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