Alexandre Cloutier defends his wishes to Muslims for the end of Ramadan

alexandre-cloutierThe challenge of secularism continues to divide the PQ: Alexandre Cloutier felt the need to justify his wishes addressed to Muslims for the end of Ramadan, after criticism of Jean-Francois Lisee, one of his rivals in the race for direction of the current party.

In a blog entry published by the website Huffington Post Thursday morning, Mr. Cloutier said he had made these vows “candid” and “openness” in respect of 250 000 Muslim Quebecers would celebrate Eid, the end of Ramadan.

The member for Lac-Saint-Jean argues that the Parti Quebecois’ opens its horizons “by sending such signals.

Or for his colleague Jean-François Lisee, these vows violated the state’s neutrality principle.

Recall that the charter of secularism of the previous government Marois had caused controversy in Quebec in 2013-2014 and earned him much criticism especially during the election campaign in 2014 that led to his defeat.

Mr. Cloutier, who was Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs in the cabinet Marois, had not been time to dissociate the bill soon after.

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