Alex Nevsky: success runs after him

nouvelle-tete-nouveaux-projets-alex(Granby) For a guy who never really wanted to do this job, the Alex Nevsky singer leads off. So he sometimes has to pinch to make sure that everything that happens to him is not the fruit of his imagination. Voice of the East caught this week in the whirlwind what has become his life. Pause.

His recent gold record
The news came last week. Granbyen has received a gold record for selling 40,000 copies of his disc Himalayan my love. He was interviewed at the Hi Bonjour! when it was announced the news. “It was really a surprise. It’s so rare now, gold discs. There are not many albums, compared to there about ten years, joining as many people. ”

The author-songwriter also accept this honor with a good dose of humility. “This is a fine example of the enthusiasm aroused by the album. I enjoy the double, because I think that this is perhaps the first and last time in my life that I get that. ”

The release of his recent Polaroid extract
After the pa-pa-pa-pa-pa was made to believe, here he is back with the la-la-la-la catchy his new Polaroid extract. Composed while vacationing in Costa Rica, this ear worm is already great sound. A reaction that delights the principal party. “I can not ask for anything more. We finished recording it three weeks ago and it was lucky she is already running on the radio! ”

With a holiday vibe, this was the most summery song on the album in the pipeline, he said, hence the strategic launch in the middle of June.

In describing the use of the la-la-la-la of autoderisoire, it remains more or less sensitive to critics who portray Polaroid as a promotional song for teens. “I leave this single because I am of the popular song. I make the music I want to do … And as long as I have fun is what counts. That said, my albums also have a poetic side, more dark. ”

The preparation of his next album
Alex Nevsky, as we know, cooks her third album. Slowly but surely. By his own admission, the new album should be finished in late August. Until then, “a lot of tweaking to be done,” he notes.

No official title has been retained. “It’s been three months since I seek. I await the thunderbolt. ”

Certainly, the book will include 11 or 12 compositions, mostly written travel as inspiration, he says, comes less easily to him in his Montreal newspaper.

For now, Alex admits to not having the necessary perspective to describe the content of this album. There will be particular about love and disillusionment, he summarizes, entrusting it will sing a duet with Coeur de pirate and Yann Perreau will chip in to one of the pieces.

Its future role of coach to Voice Junior
June 30, Alex will begin filming the new show The Voice Junior, where he will coach alongside Marie-Mai and Marc Dupré (really!). He knows that the days will be long and demanding, especially as it evolves from ages 7 to 14 years. “The most crazy in this job, it’s what happens outside cameras: rehearsal hours, research, preparation … But I want to get fully involved, to offer much availability, “he says. This also explains that he chose to limit the number of his shows at least this summer.

Sure, he admits, that the concept of competition was a bit worried, given the young age of the competitors. But Stéphane Laporte was quick to reassure him. “Young people will be well accompanied. There will even be a team of child psychologists with them to change the idea of ​​win-lose. But basically, I think everything is in the relationship with their parents … ”

Because he is at ease with the children, the artist stresses his desire to make “a big musical holiday camp”. “I want the participants are there to live a big time fun. I want to build a bubble with them, accompany them there, to talk with their parents and have fun. ”

Himself would he have been ready to launch in the middle of the song at such a young age? “Absolutely not. I really started singing at 19 years. In fact, I have never wanted to be a singer … until I sing! ”

His new look
Less bearded, less hairy, less headed, Alex Nevsky acknowledges that yes, he wanted to freshen up its image. “It is clearly for reasons” business “, but I also want to see a revival. Although I still love hats! Say I present a new image … that my mother will be! “, He says, playful.

His links with Celine Dion
Rumors ran this winter about a possible collaboration between Alex Nevsky and Celine Dion. It seems there is never smoke without fire. “Marc Dupré and I was supposed to write a song for her. We had two tracks of tunes, but we do not yet submitted to it, “he says. Netizens have seen, recently, alongside the diva on a cliché crunched in Las Vegas. Rapido presto a meeting, he said, the time of a photo, without having time to exchange. “But she knew me … I knew they were listening to were made to believe at home.”

Mr. Nevsky no secret that writing for Celine remains one of his dreams. “That, and write a film score. But I will soon do the music for a new television series, “he says without revealing why.

In one case as in the other, the young man was dangerously close to his wildest aspirations.

His two shows at the Bell Centre with Marc Dupre
Obviously, Alex Nevsky is not yet fully recovered from his emotions. Last Friday and Saturday, he got on stage at the Bell Centre at the invitation of his friend Marc Dupré, who was presenting his show. Every night, Alex sang his anthem We made them believe in an already heated room block. “I was the penultimate song of the show. It was crazy! We went out completely crinques scene. I have so enjoyed those moments … I said to Marc: “what a gift you do to me ‘,” says the singer!.

Although it has already offered several shows before large crowds, it was his first performance at the Bell Centre. “Of course it made me want to produce myself one day. But it will not be soon. I did not go there! ”

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