Ales Kafelnikov showed bare Breasts in new photo shoot

Model Ales Kafelnikov in another photo shoot boldly showed his chest to the camera. Pretty woman appeared in the frame in a mesh shirt, under which there was no bra.

Ales Kafelnikov was born in the family of famous Russian tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov, however, it is not followed in the footsteps of a titled father. Instead try your luck in the sport, she started to build a modeling career. And even before reaching adulthood, the girl managed to achieve great success in the modeling business, and about a year ago, even started to try myself as an actress.

Like other models, the Ales have to experiment while working with hairstyles and hair color, and try on different images. Often in the framework of different projects Kafelnikov also have to bare in public any part of the body. And while fans of girls are ambivalent about this aspect of its work, the model does not waive such projects.

So the other day the daughter of Yevgeny Kafelnikov posted in Instagram photo, taken during one of the shoots. It was very provocative – Ales had to bare Breasts on camera, but it did not bother her. On the published photos Kafelnikov is depicted standing with raised arms in black mesh shirt, under which there was no underwear. However, 20-year-old model looks happy and her face with no trace of embarrassment due to the fact that she’s posing without bra.

Many subscribers girls loved her bold look. They could not admit that their favorite looks soft and happy. However, some Ales persuade followers to abandon the image of the glam-rocker, which she adheres to in the recent past and to recapture that sensitive and vulnerable girl, which they saw in her before.

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