Aleksandr Yaroslavskyy told about the plans for the development of the HTZ

Александр Ярославский рассказал о планах по развитию ХТЗ

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The first tranche of the program of modernization of Kharkiv tractor plant (HTZ) in the amount of UAH 40 million. have already been mastered by the enterprise equipment modernization. This statement on 19 July, did the current owner of the company Alexander Yaroslavsky (DCH group), answering questions of journalists in the river.

According to him, the total investment envisaged for financing of the projects is approximately 230 million UAH. for a two-year period. The program will allow the company to expedite the return to traditional markets after a prolonged idle with the previous owner.

“The year of the Kharkov tractor plant stood. Of course, the Holy place is never empty. Markets, which the plant has traditionally occupied, was occupied by competitors. Today we fight you have to mm these markets to win!” – said the businessman.

Александр Ярославский рассказал о планах по развитию ХТЗ

According to him, the company produces the amount of products that is able to implement. However, the prospects for increasing production are maintained.

“To make products in the warehouse makes no sense. We produce as much as possible to sell. But I want to produce more. That is what HTZ will not stand – this I can say for sure”, – said Aleksandr Yaroslavskyy.

He reminded the audience that the power of the legendary machine-building plant in the Soviet period allowed to produce more than 50 thousand tractors annually. While the company employs 45 thousand to 3 thousand employees at present.

“Given the fact that HTZ all there was, I think it is – feat Kharkiv”, – said Aleksandr Yaroslavskyy.

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Recall that the largest engineering company, leading its history since 1930, was purchased by a businessman in 2016. At that time the plant was in a state of protracted crisis, but thanks to the efforts and investment of Oleksandr Iaroslavskyi, the company was able to resume work. By the end of 2017 HTZ released 794 pieces of equipment and received a profit of $ 48,8 mln. (against a loss of 667 million UAH. in 2016). After the engineering giant’s DCH group beneficiary has acquired a number of industrial assets, including mine of “Dry Beam” (Kryvyi Rih, 2017) and the Dnieper metallurgical plant (Dnipro, 2018). The total investment of the businessman in projects in different industries only in the Kharkiv region topped $1 billion (including $ 300 million in the social project of Kharkiv preparation for Euro 2012). Aleksandr Yaroslavskyy is in the TOP 10 Ukrainian businessmen according to Forbes.

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