Alcohol prices will soar: how many have to pay for “fun”

Цены на алкоголь взлетят: сколько придется платить за "удовольствие"

Alcohol in Ukraine will rise in price

In Ukraine, the minimum price for vodka will rise by 10.7 per cent, whiskey, rum and gin will rise in price by 7.3%, cognac of 9.1-9.5%, and the wine — 7,4-10,2%. Prices will rise for a surrogate and on a legal drink. As a result of “shady” products will lose its competitive advantage in price, according to the Ministry. This writes the 1NEWS.

Now the price for half a liter of vodka will rise from 89.4 to 98,92 UAH; wine from 42 to 46 UAH; cognac with 151,66 to UAH 156,6; whiskey to 191.5 179 UAH.

Цены на алкоголь взлетят: сколько придется платить за "удовольствие"

The decision to raise prices will not affect drinks that are now worth more than “low”.

“The adoption and implementation of the draft resolution will ensure the enforcement of minimum prices on alcoholic beverages in accordance with the law; protect consumers from counterfeit and surrogate products and will lead to a decrease in the share of the shadow economy”, — stated in the explanatory note to the decision of the Ministry of economic development.

With the start of summer began to fall in price traditional vegetables. In June the price dropped by 30%. On the market there have been vegetables with open soil.

Also note that named the fruit, which will be the most expensive this season. So, the crop of apples is expected at the level of last year. However, the overproduction can be reduced at the expense of exports. Apples suffered weather conditions. Also in good condition and stone, says the CEO of the company “Ukrainian berry” Taras Bastanak.

“In our area of stone survived the weather. If will work in Belarus, the prices are good, but if Belarus will not and the entire crop will remain in Ukraine, prices are not very good. As for the other berries-harvest losses of strawberry is only in the Western regions (Lviv, Ternopil region). Where losses amount to 20-30%, with some farms even 40% due to frost, hail, and hurricane,” — said Bastani.

Цены на алкоголь взлетят: сколько придется платить за "удовольствие"

Due to unfavorable weather conditions a significant portion of strawberries this year lost Poland.

“In Poland last week there were three nights when the temperature fell to -6-8 °. Polish manufacturers are not yet ready to voice loss. But in regions where there was such a temperature, the strawberry harvest is completely lost. My prediction for strawberries: the price will be high, at the level of last year “, — he stressed.

Recall, counterfeit products was flooded Ukraine: “waste” at high prices.

As reported Politeka, the IMF called the recipe of economic success of Ukraine

Also Politeka wrote that the price of alcohol and tobacco soar.