Alan Badoev: “I fell in love with TAYANNA”

Well-known music video Director does not hide his admiration for the singer TAYANNA.

Алан Бадоєв: "Я закохуюся в TAYANNA"

The singer Tayanna presented a new video for the song “terrific” which is already being actively discussed in the network. Someone who admires the singer’s voice, others her sexy images and great figure, which she demonstrates in a new video. Not refrain from comments and the author of a clip Alan Badoev. He admitted that each time, working with Tayanna, falls in love with her:

“Every time I watch Tayanna in life truly fall in love with her, in her organic, her charisma. And I wanted to create a video that will better underline it for what it is, when not posing for the cameras. So I made it easier and used the phone, something very familiar, something that we use in life, that does not clamp. In my opinion, this has helped us to achieve maximum dissolution of the artist in the video clip,” informs Rus.Media.

Алан Бадоєв: "Я закохуюся в TAYANNA"

Алан Бадоєв: "Я закохуюся в TAYANNA"

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