Akhmetov was a monopoly in the electricity market for the enterprises – expert

Ахметов получил фактически монопольное положение на рынке электроэнергии для предприятий, - эксперт

According to the analyst Peter Katina, using his position in the electricity market, Rinat Akhmetov may even affect the rankings of candidates in mayors

A monopoly position in the electricity market makes the political influence of the oligarch Rinat Akhmetov exaggerated. This opinion was expressed by political analyst Peter Okhotin, reports the publication comments.ua.

He reminded that from 1 July Akhmetov received a monopoly in the electricity market for companies. At the same time, the Antimonopoly Committee (AMCU) did not see in the new system of market operation, no violations, considering the market for households and for enterprises as a single.

“But because the needs of the population close cheap electricity “Energoatom”, Ukrainian enterprises left alone with Akhmetov’s appetites, and these appetites are growing. In connection with the rising costs of electricity are already reviewing the rates and prices of utilities, electric vehicle manufacturers of bread and many others,” said Okhotin.

The analyst also points to the fact that this monopoly has not only economic consequences. The ability to actually manually set the price of electricity for any consumer seriously increased the political influence of Rinat Akhmetov.

“When to his bow for discounts go to the owners of all the largest consumers of electricity in the country, you can safely do, even without his faction in Parliament. Against this background, the mythical growth of influence Kolomoisky – just kids games, — says Petro Okhotin. — Akhmetov today refuses to sell electricity at cheaper night tariff, forcing consumers to pay the maximum rate. Medium business, for example, manufacturers of milk, bread, afraid to speak publicly about this issue and are forced to buy expensive electricity, not to get even higher rate. As they depend entirely on DTEK”.

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The expert stressed that the influence of the Foundation to date can be compared with the influence of the Prime Minister. Moreover, Okhotin convinced that the oligarch influence on local elections, provoking the increase in rates of utilities and prices of the fare in trams and trolleybuses.

“If the national Commission for regulation of the electricity market could limit the profitability of power plants, now in Ukraine there is supposedly a free market. But a significant role is played by only one player – DTEK, as the other two “Energoatom” and “Ukrenergo “provide the population and real sector of the economy is left to the mercy of a man whose political influence quietly grows to an exaggerated size,” summed up Peter Okhotin.