Akhmetov has found a new loophole to the pockets of Ukrainians: as for what you will have to pay

Ахметов нашел новую лазейку к карманам украинцев: как и за что придется заплатить

Ukrainian consumers trick to fill the pockets of the oligarchs through the new tariffs

The journalist Alexander Dubinsky commented on the off the hot water to Exactly. He noted that in connection with non-payment of debts “, Routeplanner” ceased to serve the citizens, and then offered a way out.

“Enable hot at such rates of payment of utilities and such debt it will be able only during the heating season. You want to wash in hot water? What you should do? And you have to put yourself boiler”, — said Alexander Dubinsky to the Ukrainians.

Ахметов нашел новую лазейку к карманам украинцев: как и за что придется заплатить

According to him, plugging in a heater, consumers are switching from predatory rates of “Naftogaz” to more gentle conditions. The journalist said that as head of the NJSC Andriy KOBOLEV did not steal the money, they still get the budget and then go to the population in the form of medicine, education and other public services. But now the Ukrainians are, in fact, forced to pay oligarch Rinat Akhmetov, who seized power market in Ukraine.

#Dubininskaya totals may 1 1. Groisman in new ways. Or as the Prime Minister prepares for parliamentary выборы2. KOBOLEV reduced for Ukrainians the price of gas. Ah, how they say.. ha.. don..3. In Exactly the hot water was turned off for nonpayment. Put boiler, Akhmetov on радость4. Apartment Zelensky in the Crimea. Annexed property президента5. In Russia — the detention on the March of may day BOOK: https://dubinsky.pro/petr-poroshenko-ukradennaya-mechtaПодписывайтесь on my personal page https://www.fb.me/dubinskyiИли alternative account (NOW I am) https://m.facebook.com/alterdubinskyiВ the telegram I’ve https://t.me/dubinskyproМой YouTube here https://www.youtube.com/DubinskyPro

Posted by Dubinsky.pro on Wednesday, May 1, 2019

“You also now do not give warm water at public gas, which sells national joint-stock company. Dumb hot water. So set your boiler and pay Rinat Akhmetov according to the “Rotterdam +”. Thus you are forced to bask in the state, albeit with a p*stingom pocket and in the pocket of Rinat Akhmetov. Here’s another beautiful scheme,” explained Alexander Dubinsky.

Ахметов нашел новую лазейку к карманам украинцев: как и за что придется заплатить

Earlier it became known that without hot water since may 1, there were inhabitants of two cities: Chernihiv and Rivne. So in the last local business-services provider said about the “deteriorating economic situation”, and that suddenly, Naftogaz raised the price for heat supply companies by 15%. Before this potrebitelei repeatedly warned about disabling centralized hot water that receive water from the boiler Torgom fuel. In Chernihiv hot water blocked 49 houses and for the same reason – the debts of the citizens. Chernigov needs for hot water and heat nearly 150 million UAH.

Recall that changes from may 1, Ukraine: municipal reform, the new fines and fees.

Politeka as reported, “Naftogaz” harshly punished for a debt trap even those who pay: the details of the scandal.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky has explained how utility rates will change: “There is a solution”.