Akhedzhakova has revealed the truth about the Putin regime, the patience of Russians busted: “the end will Come”

Ахеджакова раскрыла правду о режиме Путина, терпение россиян лопнуло: "Придет конец"

Liya Akhedzhakova has admitted that Russia’s attack on Ukraine was a great surprise for her, and also spoke about whether the policy of the Kremlin in the near future to become more peaceful

Famous Russian actress spoke about how the perceived Russian attack on Ukraine in an interview with the OBOZREVATEL.

Responding to a question about whether the war in Ukraine, to her surprise, Akhedzhakova told:

“Sneaked up on me this horror at the profanity has an adequate name that quietly sneaks up. The war with Georgia… and she also sneaked up on me”.

The actress remembered that this was mysteriously killed many public figures who openly criticized the Russian government, apparently hinting at the relationship of these crimes with the international aggression of Moscow.

Ахеджакова раскрыла правду о режиме Путина, терпение россиян лопнуло: "Придет конец"

According to Akhedzhakova, now discreetly reasons to change the policy of the Kremlin.

“No, the plumber says: “replacing the gaskets will not help, the system needs to change.” The problem is that the support and protection of the population has become a huge army of security officers who now preside over the destinies of. Don’t know how it will change, but this, of course, the end will come. Then all these propagandists with our channels to move quickly to change the intonation, change the straps, and the names of the others and is also perfectly integrated into the new system and speak with a different voice,” said the actress.

She also commented on the increasingly escalating protests of the Russians. So, Akhedzhakova noticed that the Russian government is hardly “heard” of their citizens.

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“She’s concerned for their safety. Therefore, intimidation of the population, therefore, constant propaganda,” concluded the artist.

Ахеджакова раскрыла правду о режиме Путина, терпение россиян лопнуло: "Придет конец"

Previously, Leah Akhedzhakova urged Russians to stop bullying the celebrities, who criticize Putin’s regime.

People’s artist of Russia Liya Akhedzhakova said that she hate when actors, criticizing Russia or the Russians begin to put public humiliation in the press. So, she called to stop the persecution of Alexei Panin, who called the Russians “evil monsters”, and actor Alexei Serebryakov, who is also often criticized for his remarks about Russia.

Recall, Akhedzhakova and Cords moved into an apartment: “a real family”.

As reported Politeka, Akhedzhakova paid dearly for the defense of Ukraine.

Also Politeka wrote that Akhedzhakova appealed to Ukrainians against the Kremlin.