Ajaccio vs Paris: score prediction, preview, live streaming free

Corsica – French football region with a special atmosphere. In due time the clubs of the League were experiencing difficulties here. What awaits on the island beginner League2? – see the forecast of our experts.
Tournament: France. League One.
Venue: “Francois Coty” Stadium, Ajaccio
Date of match: August 18, 2017, 21:00 Moscow time
Football. France. Ajaccio – Paris.

“Ajaccio” finished last season in the middle of the standings. In the current championship, the islanders are on the seventh position. All thanks to the victory and two zero draws. The same number of points have five more clubs. In the so far the only home game, “Ajaccio” beat “Brest” (2: 1).

“Paris” took the third place in the national championship, but could not get into League 2 through the play-offs. Eventually, the capital’s football players managed to rise to a more prestigious division, replacing “Bastia” in it. In the three previous rounds, the Parisians played as diverse as possible: they signed a draw with the Clermont, won against Bour-en-Bresse and lost to Havre. Four points and eleventh position.

Statistics and personal meetings
Last season, “Ajaccio” lost in Corsica only four times. Total B (2.5) made his way only in every third duel.

In the season before last, both personal meetings ended with a score of 0: 0.

“Ajaccio” in his native “Francois Coty” feels like a fish in the water. In the same place, the lion’s share of points is extracted. We are sure that the Corsicans will play with the newcomer from the country’s capital. To secure, we take the owners with X and increase the coefficient to 1.97 by adding the total M (2.5).

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