Aivazovsky’s paintings at the bottom of the Black sea: the divers were stunned by the statement

Картины Айвазовского на дне Черного моря: дайверы ошеломили заявлением

One of the divers involved in the search for the paintings of Ivan Aivazovsky, at the bottom of the Black sea, Roman Dunayev told how works of art could be so far away from the Museum shelves

According to him, in 1989, Aivazovsky was on the ship “Kotzebue”, which first crossed then open the Suez canal. The artist took. He captured the memorable moment. As you know, Aivazovsky often gave his paintings to the crews of the ships, which went, according to “Moscow speaking”.

Картины Айвазовского на дне Черного моря: дайверы ошеломили заявлением

“He painted the passage of “Kotzebue” and all the other ships in Egypt through the Suez canal. It is 100% confirmed information. Us historians said that when Michelangelo was on some ship, he often gave the crew his paintings and sketches. Perhaps we are dealing with the collection of paintings. We will continue our expedition, we have applied for presidential grants. Waiting for an answer. In the case of a positive result, we will continue our research,” — said Dunayev.

It is known that the ship sank in 1895 off the coast of the Black sea due to an accident, but none of the crew members were not injured – all could be evacuated in time.

“The ship is in length 230 feet, width 28 feet, has three classes for the accommodation of passengers. Dining saloon for first class passengers is located on deck and has elegantly decorated apartments,” — said the old London Times about the construction of the “General Kotzebue” in 1866, company “C. Mitchell & Co”.

However, experts still doubt whether to get paintings from the seabed. Indeed, the whole expedition can be very costly, and the paintings themselves (if their canvases and survived) can go bad at any moment of extraction.

“This is presumably the picture. Presumably. No one on the air is not raised, according to the video. As far as I saw, only the frames from the pictures. In order to study in detail, it is necessary to raise. We have no right, while we are exploring, until we have an open slate. We will have an open sheet from the Ministry of culture, then we can have something to raise,” said Director of black sea center of underwater researches Sergey Kazannik.

During the first expedition divers were able to raise to the surface of the tableware and silver plated Cutlery engraved with the Ropit and many more jewels. Despite this, the witnesses claim that the ship has someone got a few years ago and looted. Judging by the traces left and inaccessibility to the shore, they were professionals.

Recall that the invaders destroyed the card of the Crimea.

As reported Politeka, the astrologer predicted the battles of “cross and Crescent” for the Crimea.

Also Politeka wrote that the United States took the Crimea into the ring.