Aged Sedokova admitted that they have to hide then it makes no sense

Постаревшая Седокова призналась, что больна: скрывать дальше не имеет смысла

Singer Anna Sedokova not get tired to show your figure in the network, but this time the singer also told about the illness, which she overcame

Ex-member of the project VIA GRA manages to light their charms, even where it would seem absolutely impossible and out of place. So recently the singer has posted a new provocative picture and a video where he told that pain urticaria. She told fans that woke up from the terrible itching, but did not dare to tell informed about their illness and for a long time.

Pictures and videos of Anna Sedokova emblazoned with her hair, of course, with a deep neckline Sedokova demonstrates parts of his body where traces of the consequences of the disease. Singer writes that took place with this sore “hell” and believes that to gloss over the problem makes no sense — she wants to tell others how to be saved and treated.

Постаревшая Седокова призналась, что больна: скрывать дальше не имеет смысла

Постаревшая Седокова призналась, что больна: скрывать дальше не имеет смысла

Neckline more than impressed the audience on the network, basically everything written that the bust of the singer’s luxurious, some said to the recovered, the recovered.

“A speedy recovery”

“beautiful as always”

“Breast bomb”

Постаревшая Седокова призналась, что больна: скрывать дальше не имеет смысла Постаревшая Седокова призналась, что больна: скрывать дальше не имеет смысла

We also note that judging by the photos and videos from the publication of Anna Sedokova in the network, we can safely say that the actress is a bit older — her face is “obviously familiar” with all sorts of cosmetic medical fraud, according to the type of suspenders, “beauty shots”, etc.

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#Krapivnitsa. I like person who has experienced all the circles of hell with this strange disease you say. Didn’t want to talk, but realized that this could support those who also suffer from this scourge. We are not alone and together we can do it! The video in the carousel all clear. The last 3 weeks, every morning I woke up from the terrible itching. I opened my eyes and felt a new swelling on the face. Spots that appeared in different places, then suddenly disappeared. I was hiding, put his glasses and cap, tried to disguise it by constantly applying concealer. And, of course, read the comments that I face swollen from plastic surgery. Read and silent. It all began with a couple of spots. It seems, on the neck. I thought self-will. Not passed. Every day was getting better. Most worryingly, with red spots on face and body I have, as the doctors said, become swollen internal organs. Throat was com. It became hard to breathe. My doctor told swelling is very dangerous and now I have to carry in her purse a syringe and a medication just in case. So, what I now know about my disease that I know about it doctor? Oh, nothing specific. The causes are not known, it is not allergic to the products or flowering. They say she appears in the background of nervous stress. Here I remember I started playing in the theater, was very afraid that will not cope and the last rehearsal I had my first swollen lip. A couple of days ago I had an acute attack. That’s why I am writing this post to you, making drip. I want to say a huge thank you to my friends and family for what pull me from this nightmare. Will never forget @rudovanata , rushed to me with a shot directly into a play and in the dressing room put me a shot . @galichida , who gave me the phone numbers of doctors and nurses from mom’s work. My wonderful doctor cosmetologist @anargulartagalieva , every day worried about me. And the most important person who every day has anointed my wounds and forced to take medication. Yesterday, after the publication of the photo I wrote, dozens of people with exactly the same problem and I decided to show that to me. Continued in comments🔽

A post shared by ANNA SEDOKOVA (@annasedokova) on Sep 16, 2019 at 6:27am PDT

Earlier, Anna Sedokova, who came to the cancer center with a basket full of sweets for children, criticized. Critically ill children is absolutely contraindicated sugar, because they supposedly feed on the cancer cells.

June 1 international children’s day Anna Sedokova decided to stay away from someone else’s woes and called for the Russian Oncology Center them. Blokhin.

The singer happily spoke with cancer patients children, their parents and physicians, as well as performed a few songs and sent greetings to Patriotic stars.

With you to the hospital Anna Sedokova brought not only gifts and sweets. This celebrity boasted Stories on his page in social network Instagram.

Recall Sedokova in new image lit with two handsome men.

As reported Politeka, Sedokova showed myself naked and embarrassed.

Also Politeka reported that Sedokova lingerie lit his farm.