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Back on C8, Cyril Hanouna, the controversy… the One that is entering its second season in TPMP is book without detour..

Here is Cyril Hanouna considers that Here is a ” towel “. I say, it does not pose a problem to talk to us?

Agathe Auproux I am not responsible for what said Cyril, nor forced to agree with all of his positions.

But from Inrocks in Key not at my post, you’re not afraid to lose neurons?

It was a choice complicated, but I do not regret absolutely not. And if there’s something against which I’m campaigning, it’s this kind of snobbery from the culturally correct. You can go to the theatre and laugh with Jean-Michel Mayor, this is not paradoxical.

It is said that the tv is no longer an inspiration to the young people. What is it that seduced you, you?

Originally, it did not make me fantasize not more. Ado, I was trying to force myself even to look at the Star Ac in order to not be dropped during discussions with my girlfriends at the college. I went there because I was called and that I wanted to try it.

It seems that, since then, many of the boys call you, pretending to be journalists in order to meet you…

Yes, it goes on and on ! I recently spent one night at the hotel with my aunt, and plenty of guys have made me call the reception : “Hello miss Auproux, a certain Gerard would want to talk to you. “But this fascination is also due to TPMP, which starifie a lot of its columnists.

It has changed things in your life?

I still have the same friends but yes, it changes a lot of things. For example, I can’t use social networks with the same nonchalance as before. I still find it hard to accept that tv can dictate my new daily.

You have been at the heart of a controversy, to the point of having to publish a text explanation following the exhumation of old tweets judged to be borderline. How hast thou lived?

Not so bad. I have not cried, I am not remained prostrate in me. After, with the production and C8, we agreed that I would come back gradually to the antenna. I don’t like to arrive the next day on the set of TPMP for me to explain live.

Did you expect this kind of bad buzz?

Not at all. Bad valves that I was able to do six years ago, I didn, of course not. But this malice, it was mostly a way to hurt Cyril, and to the show.

Until recently, you were to have to reject it, on the plateau de TPMP, a rumor that you gave a relationship with Cyril Hanouna…

It has always paid to Cyril and to his chroniclers of romantic relationships, it is a huge fantasy collective ! But yes, I was stupid to react to that, I lack even probably a little bit of maturity.

You seem to learn quickly. While you place regularly on your Instagram with your lovers, today, one no longer sees…

When I realized that a photo posted on my account could generate four or five articles in a row, I decided not to put in the scene than me. Like all people of my generation, I assumed my narcissism, but from now on, we would no longer see my boyfriend, my mother or my brother. The only catch is that one has the impression that I spend my life all alone.

You grew up in Guéret. What is it like, a youth in the Creuse?

It is very quiet as one might expect. I am not, for example, never been out in the box and, as I don’t drink alcohol, I was not following the peeps who took the car to go partying. My evenings I spent on Caramail or MSN in my room.

You feel concerned by the feminism of today?

No. I believe that feminism today is the worst feminism. It is systematic, it is aggressive, it is regressive, and I don’t think it would serve the cause. I am not talking about associations that campaign for years, but, for some, feminism has become a kind of trend that we can borrow a little coarse…

Interview by Vincent Cocquebert

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