Against the popular-culture Comiccon

-tradition-costume-incontournable-comiccon-certainsBy definition, popular culture reached a wide audience. But even within this part of the popular culture, there is the growth of a culture-cons ultrafanatiques.

Whether social media or at events like the Ottawa Comiccon, these enthusiasts seek any information on the upcoming movie of their favorite franchise. They comment on everything from choice of actors in costume design, and often even before filming is started.

Talk to Ben Affleck who had to defend for two years he would be able to properly embody Batman to the big screen, even after the failure of Daredevil a decade ago.

Jason Rockman also knows something. radio host in Montreal, he has for some years the metropolis Comiccon spokesman and later that of the capital. With Superman and the Incredible Hulk tattooed on each forearm, there is no doubt of his love for popular culture.

“There is a great appetite for it, and it should be fed. When you’re addicted to it, you’re not half, “he says.

If the fanatics comment before the release of a film or broadcast the next episode of their favorite TV series, it’s even worse after. Everyone has his theory about the holes in the plot. Who are the parents of Rey in the latest Star Wars? Jon Snow in Game of Thrones is he dead or alive? They all have their hypothesis.

These ultrafans know all of their favorite work. So, meet one of the actors who participated in the project, although it plays a secondary role, is a great joy for them. Without a doubt, the organizers of Comiccon know.

For example, John de Lancie is recognized by Trekkies for his portrayal of Q, even if he only appeared in 12 episodes of a total of 726 for the franchise.

Although the actor has had a long career and offered acclaimed performances critically – in Breaking Bad, in particular – there has never won first role. Only admirers appreciate his work is flattering, he said. He enjoys the contact.

“The majority of my work, we do not see it on IMDB, and frankly, it’s more interesting than working on these TV series, says Mr. de Lancie. It’s more difficult (to play only a few episodes) because you do not belong to the family. You arrive, you do your work and you go away. ”

John Rhys-Davies – best known for his role as Gimli in the Lord of the Rings – approach it differently.

As John de Lancie, he made numerous cameo appearances on TV, in films and has lent her voice to animated characters. However, he rather sees these ephemeral roles as challenges.

“When you play in the Lord of the Rings, you know you’re going to spend two years on it. You have time to devote yourself to your role and to leave your mark. But luxury is not always have to choose, then you go where you’re wanted and you do your best. But I like it, I like challenges. ”

Indeed, these two actors experience believe that the constant monitoring of the development of certain projects by the public can deliver the best equipment.

“This is a conversation, it’s easier because you know your audience. You think about it because you know you’ll see them here (at Comiccon), “said John de Lancie.

attendance record at Comiccon
No less than 42 000 people through the doors of Friday to Sunday EY Centre of Ottawa Comiccon.

The organizers of the event therefore won their bet and see support grow again in the capital. The mixture of actors and cult films of recent television series will have been a guarantee of success.

“There is a part that is to look at what is popular now. […] But also, it does not take you to forget the history of pop culture, “says the spokesman of the event, Jason Rockman.

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