After the gas explosion in residential building in the Rostov region searching for the four missing. PHOTOS, VIDEOS

The tragic incident occurred on the morning of 14 January in the Rostov region – the city is Mine gas explosion in an apartment building.

As reported mass media, on Monday morning, a nine-storey residential building in the town of Shakhty, the Rostov region, the explosion occurred, causing collapsed on the eighth or ninth floor of a residential building.

As a result of incident there are victims – one person was killed, another woman was hospitalized with injuries. Its status is estimated as heavy.

Earlier in mass media there was information that the explosion in the town Mine killed a child. In the MOE denied this information, noting that one person died and a woman.

Another four people are still missing.

“In the four apartments on the eighth and ninth floors lived 12 people. Of these, seven rescued, one dead, woman. The fate of the four is established”, – say the representatives of the rescue agencies journalists.

As you know, at approximately 6:18 a.m. January 14, at the remote duty received a call about the explosion of the gas mixture in the house, which is located on the street Habarova in the town of Shakhty, Rostov region.

According to available information, the epicenter of the incident, the apartment number 71. The explosion of overlap between the ninth and the eighth floor could not stand and collapsed. Cracks were also noticed on the seventh floor of the house.

At the moment on a place of explosion in an apartment house on the street Khabarov in the city of Mines conducted search and rescue work. All involved some 220 rescue workers.

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Local authorities have imposed a local state of emergency, and the RF IC opened a criminal case on the fact of explosion in a residential building in the city of Mines.

In the Internet appeared the video with the scene of the tragedy, which occurred in the town of Shakhty, Rostov region on Monday morning, January 14, 2019.

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