After the change of the head of Instagram in the social network failed

October 3 in the work of the popular American social Network Instagram has failed. When you try to log in to your account, social network users can see the inscription: “5xx Server Error”.

This type of error indicates a fault on the side of the servers or hosting the social network. The reasons for its appearance can be provided.

Usually “5xx Server Error” occurs because of simultaneously sending data to a large number of users, DDoS attacks, and bandwidth clogging. In addition, it is possible that the failure of Instagram could occur due to various technical malfunction of servers or software failure.

After half an hour after failure the inscription on the site has changed. Instead of “5xx Server Error” appeared the message about the work on the Troubleshooting.
“Sorry, something went wrong. We are working on it and we will fix it as soon as we can” – such inscription in the users see the social network when you try to open your profile.

Official representatives of the Instagram crashing in the social network hasn’t yet commented on. Users which countries are having problems logging into the site and the exact cause of their occurrence is unknown. Message in the official Facebook social network account the timing correction of faults has not yet appeared.

It is noteworthy that the failure of Instagram happened immediately after the change of leadership of the social network. On 1 October about his appointment to the post of head of the popular social network announced Vice President Instaram Adam Mosseri. And on the third day after his appointment in the social network is having problems.

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