After 30 impossible: the foods should be abandoned

После 30 нельзя: еда, от которой нужно отказаться

It turns out that your diet needs to be changed in the lifetime

Everyone wants to live a long time, so the older we become, the more difficult our relationship with food. And critical age here is thirty years. Even if we feel physically exactly the same as felt by teenagers. The body harder to maintain the desired weight, process harmful substances and to control the level of blood sugar. And for as long as possible to retain the ability to enjoy life, at the turn of the 30 years should be excluded from the diet some foods with which the average body is no longer able to cope.

После 30 нельзя: еда, от которой нужно отказаться

Flavored yogurts

Even if your Arsenal of a wrinkle cream, it doesn’t change the fact that after 30, your skin began to age rapidly. At this age collagen production slows and elastin protein breaks down. And they would make your skin elastic and smooth. All this causes the appearance of wrinkles. This process cannot be stopped but can be slowed down if there’s less sugar. It is clear that all obviously a sweet you have already tried to eliminate from the diet. But many sources of sugars successfully hidden under the guise of healthy foods. These are the yogurts with additives. They often have more sugar per serving than the tiles of dark chocolate. Think about it.

Sweet drinks

At the age of around 30 years, people often think about the offspring. But scientists have shown that one of the most dangerous from the point of view of occurrence of infertility products is sweet aerated water and lemonade factory. They contain a lot of potentially cancer-causing dyes, as well as impact of sugar. So eliminate these drinks before you realize that something in the process of family planning gone wrong.

Beer and cocktails

During the aging process our body is getting worse metaboliziruet alcohol, and habits gets harder to leave it in physiological terms. You may have noticed the difference in quality of alcohol in 30 years, it is absolutely not what it was 20. With specific regard to beer and cocktails – all kinds of alcohol, the most severely dehydrate your body, and this is leading to wrinkled skin before you turn forty.

White bread

If your current plan a piece of bread not made from whole grains, remember that you are doing something wrong. Refined carbohydrates contained in breads made from white flour, are very quickly converted into sugar, of which so much is said in the topic about collagen and skin aging. Besides the bread, if it is not whole wheat, can cause obesity, which is much harder to fight in adulthood. Accumulated after every 30 pounds will be a heavy burden on your heart. In the truest sense of the word.

Veggie burgers

One of the major upheavals of the thirty years – the emergence of gray hair. And this process scientists have linked lack of vitamin B12 – nutrients which a lot of beef. Beef you do not eat if you like vegetarian burgers. So again think about your vegetarian diet and prepare for an imposing gray or her monthly shading.

Sugar substitutes

If you notice for no apparent reason put on weight since then as you turned 30, it may be that your liver is not functioning properly. In order to improve the situation, it’s time to start avoiding toxins, which are in abundance contained in artificial sweeteners. In fact, all the products are “sugar-free” contain them. And if we talk about the truth, then they are much more harmful than the sweet cupcake as poison the body.

Products with pesticides

The achievement of 30 years means that you are already 3 decades loaded with toxins. Now it begins to affect metabolism and hormonal balance. A sure way to get a new share of toxins is to consume vegetables and fruit grown obviously wrong, that is, with the help of chemistry. This applies to almost all non-seasonal products. So for your own sake buy vegetables labeled “organic”.


This product is still used in baking, although I don’t eat tons of instead of butter as in the old days. Meanwhile, margarine is made using hydrogenated oils, i.e. TRANS fats. Namely, this type of fat is associated with cardiovascular disease. In addition, it greatly accelerates the aging process of the skin and makes it more vulnerable to UV rays.

Salty foods

Bags under eyes after sleep is common after 30. That though as-that to smooth out the effect of metabolic disorders in the body, including dehydration, an urgent need to stop eating overly salty foods. To such products, for example, is soy sauce, which contains huge amount of sodium per gram. It makes you drink a lot of water, which is poorly excreted from the body when excess of salts.

We will remind that the international scientific group, which included employees of the canadian University of calgary, University of London Queen Mary and other institutions, found that salt intake is directly linked to increased risk of death. The findings of scientists published in the journal International Journal Of Epidemiology.

Scientists conducted a study involving 2974 patients aged 30 to 54 years with high blood pressure. The research group in different ways, we analyzed the level of sodium in the urine samples of patients collected within 24 hours for a few days.

In 24 years of observation died of 272 participants of the experiment. It turned out that there is a linear correlation between salt intake and increased risk of death.

Exactly measured amount of sodium showed a linear relationship with mortality, “—said in the work.