Add to your training plan: five exercises that quickly burn fat

Добавьте в план тренировок: пять упражнений, которые быстро сжигают жир

These exercises should definitely add to your workouts in the gym to do at home, because they quickly burn fat

To keep your figure in shape enough to take a few minutes a day of physical activity. Here are a few effective exercises, repeating daily, you can achieve excellent results.

Climbing stairs

If you stop to use the Elevator, you will get a very good exercise that really burns up extra calories. Climb, stepping through one step each time you need to overcome several floors. So you overcome the desired distance and exercise at the same time.


Добавьте в план тренировок: пять упражнений, которые быстро сжигают жир

Desidoc sit-UPS a day will help remove the extra inches on the hips and thighs. Stand up straight, hands pull forward. Keep the back arched. Put your hips back like you’re trying to sit on a chair and bend your knees. Squat down as low as possible without lifting heel from the floor.


Lunges – this is one of the best exercises for a beautiful and slender legs. Just set one foot forward while bending both knees so that the leg, which was left behind was almost parallel to the floor. Then return to starting position and repeat with the other leg.


A unique exercise without any movement. Strap helps to burn excess fat. The fact that during the stabilization of your body in one position have many different muscles that promotes weight loss. Just take the emphasis lying, as during conventional push-UPS or bending your elbows, and try to hold this position as long as possible.


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Добавьте в план тренировок: пять упражнений, которые быстро сжигают жир

After the strap is already possible to perform push-UPS. However, this exercise requires at least minimal physical training. The classic pushup is one of the best physical exercises in the home that develops the chest, shoulders, triceps, abdominals, muscles of the lower back and buttocks. Why push-UPS help to lose weight? As we have noted, due to the fact that they start out almost every muscle in the body. For this, they need oxygen, respectively, accelerates metabolism and slimming process becomes more efficient.

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