Activity-based funding: Barrette is moving ahead with a tender

ministre-sante-gaetan-barrette(Quebec) Although some have questioned the effectiveness of funding the activity, saying it is only a cog in addition to the privatization of care, the health minister, Gaetan Barrette, goes forward with the third part of its comprehensive reform of the health system by launching a bid of $ 64.5 million “with the objective of determining the cost per course of care and services.”

Quebec had already published in February a notice of intent to this effect in the Electronic Tendering System (GETS) and indicated its intention to retain the Logibec enterprise solution, Med-GPS, already present in several institutions . A “proven” solution, then the minister said Barrette, who invited all the same, “for transparency”, all interested suppliers and convinced to possess a comparable solution to emerge. So it seems that they are more than one in the ranks.

The reform of the business financing model, also called “patient-focused funding” is that the money follows the patient, reiterated the Minister Barrette in a statement Wednesday. While budgets paid to institutions are currently using a funding formula called “historic”, that is to say, according to the resources granted by the past, the activity financed establishes a direct link between the patient, the care and funding.

“Healthy competition”

According to the minister, this new mode of allocation of resources will introduce a “healthy competition” within the public network. “With a funding focused on the patient, the medical teams of the different institutions will be compared to each other, having the best service at the best cost. This incentive plan will have a significant effect on the quality of services and the budget of each institution, “he summarizes.

In February, the Minister Barrette estimated that the activity-based funding would allow the government to save “tens or hundreds of millions of dollars.”

To carry out this reform, Quebec must first have a thorough knowledge of all activities related to the provision of care appropriate to the condition of each patient and their cost, from which the call for tenders Thursday.


Far from unanimous, the minister’s reform has already been denounced by the alliance of professional and technical personnel of the health and social services, who believes that “this race performance and the lowest price for an act gave results in countries where funding for the activity was applied by a selection of the highest paying attention, a reduction of the most expensive services and too quickly leave granted to patients, not to mention a increased pressure on staff already overloaded. ”

For the consolidation of Canadian Doctors for Medicare, not only the effectiveness of the activity-based funding has never been demonstrated, but it is “a costly reform that creates an internal market by encouraging private developments health”.

According to the deputy Amir Khadir solidarity with the activity-based funding, the institutions will choose the report that care episodes to generate income instead of taking care of real needs.

“And from the time when we will have identified these light care episodes that relate much and are easily operable outside of a hospital setting heavy, privateers will propose to the Government to the private clinics in the Rockland MD of the name, as we have seen for day surgery, cataracts, hip replacements, “analyzed Dr. Khadir interview to the Sun in February.

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