“Activists are sounding the alarm: the tobacco companies can cross the line blackmailing the Government”

«Активисты бьют тревогу: табачные компании могут перейти черту шантажируя Правительство»

23 October took place the meeting of the Prime Minister Goncharuk behind closed doors with representatives of the tobacco manufacturers. After which the company British American Tobacco said that it was possible to reach an agreement and she is waiting for the lifting of the amendment No. 8 to the bill No. 1049, which sets the threshold margins on tobacco products within 7% and 13% for wholesale and retail distributors, respectively. Edit made with the purpose of demonopolization of the market and create a level playing field for all distributors, what say MPs. Today 99% of the market is OOO “Tedis” (data — AMC), reports Politrada.

The reaction activsts were not Dovgy chekati. Center gromadyanska predstavnistva “Life” opubco said “About mariposite Cisco tutunova ndustr on Uryadov” In the organization iteven scho Uryadov got protestati manpulative tisku of tutunovic corporations that zaproponowali plan di.

Law of Ukraine No. 2899 zahida Uryadov od whether yakih vimoh tutunova ndustr schodo nadannya finansovih NSA preference. – I naznachili in the organization.

About the situation s tutunului virobniche that doublenotes mizh them that Uryadov mi spoke s predstavnika center “Life” Volodymyr Copyrow.

“Mi not znamo scho pooba Prem courier I Perche — spodviglo pobachiti s zvit about Qiu zustrich from a Yak Uryadov TSE vimage Framework Convention WHO borotbi s Tyutyunov. Friend spodviglo, DAV interesah in Ukraine, in particular the Zahist health gromadyan od szkody kurnia” — nagolovu Volodymyr.

Zustrich vabulas for sochinenii dorima on deposits Buli prison absurd edits predstavnici hromadskosti predstavnici railo.

Volodymyr explaining scho prenetta of lying to law 1049 s edit Dubenskogo about rozpodil Marg on Tutunov virobi . Viacom of tutunovic won mizh manufacturer/importera-distribution with utrom rtaylor(the seller). Nicevideo Vigoda od tsogo Atria rail, ale VIN in this Lantus to edit for this reason MAV nimensa freedoms.

After prenetta amendments Tutunov Conan said, scho TSE Mauger prizvesti to pripinaniya virobnictva on h Dumka paviment Marg for railo upline and on tutunovic virobnikiv. Later the company British American Tobacco said about supinka virobnictva in Ukraine, the prot h press center not patogiu Taku parmacy.

Volodymyr nagolovu, what about zakrite of the factories isclose, lachey about prisoedineniya of work that todav:
“Zhodna s companies are not prepidila sales so products I, my Dumka, not prifinity for whether yakih obstavin, Bo stench sarabseth on this money.”

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“Shook, that lunati in media from tutunovic companies, about pripinaniya of work in Ukraine . manpulative blackmail, after adni country in the world, square od Runa regulyuvannya rinku to Tyutyunov, Tutunov compan dobrovoljno not primenili sales of tutunovic virov.” — we are talking in zayavi organization:

“My Dumka tak kroki tutunovic steel Mogilev, Bo stench formuale the stock of cigarettes I easily smogli of supinity virobnictvo for blackmail uryadu” — explaining Volodymyr Cupira.

Ukraine zazna serioznogo embossed h side tutunovic – tak of visnovki zrobila mineralna of Sasvo the center of effective management control over the tobacco. Dozen lustre riven truchana of tutunovic companies in pronatta reigning rsen efektivn strateg protid this trucano.

“First Global index truchana tutunova ndustr ukazu scho Susila uradu s protid truchana s side tutunova promislovist not what dostatno efektywnie. Progressive organizations have sper potreben have vsih Cranach. Bogatom iz them brake prozorist have vanishing mizh Uryadov that tutunova promislovosti.” — I zaznaczyla Bannegon Retract, wykonawca directory Seswg the center of effective management control over the tobacco on a press-Conferenc 10 Zhovtnya.

Nagado, compan virobnichi ditrib of Utara TOV “TEDS” ( as “Megapolis Ukraine”) oshtrafovaly at 6.4 billion.

“Zbranami have spraw darazami brought povedinka scho Tsikh of companies Bula pugajinou, and the result spitrit s denim I splines for vsih virobnikiv distribution by utrom on rinku pervanovo the sale of cigarettes became stvorennya I patrimonia stochnyh bar RV scho pereskazal the exit on the market of nseh sub CTW gospodarowania. On practic parusnika ustanovili tak umove for ukladannya dogovoriv s himi, ocrm “TEDS”, potentini distribution by torami, that just unemotively h Paavo on this rinku” – naznachaetsya on portal the AMC.