Activist Alexander Yurchenko spoke against revenge poroshenkovets

Активист Александр Юрченко выступил против реванша порошенковца

In Facebook posted a video where the candidate is lying, activist Alexander Yurchenko has challenged the Deputy mayor, Secretary of the Kyiv city Council Vladimir Prokopiv

Alexander said that over the five years of work Vladimir did almost nothing of what they promise.

Vladimir Prokopov last 5 years he held the position of Secretary of Kyiv city Council and was under the patronage of Petro Poroshenko. During this period happily enjoyed all the privileges, with the support of the largest faction of the BPP, the mayor, who headed Poroshenko’s party and, of course, the patronage of the then President. Was not able to solve questions that still excite residents Holoseievski area.

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“I called to debate the candidate from the party Poroshenko — Vladimir Prokopov. Because in the last 5 years, with the support of the largest faction of Poroshenko, with the support of the mayor and the then President Poroshenko, was not resolved those questions that you could solve it. And still care about Goloseevo”