Activist abducted in broad daylight: “Get out of the bus, was kept”

Активистку похитили среди белого дня: «Достали из маршрутки, удерживали силой»

One of the activists in Kazakhstan forcibly dragged from the bus security officers, as the woman posted on your page “extremist” post

About this Zhanbota Alzhanova said on his page on Facebook.

“Think they’ll hold? Like anything provocative is not written”, — stated in the message before the beginning of history.

Активистку похитили среди белого дня: «Достали из маршрутки, удерживали силой»

After that, when she rode in the bus, people in the civilian force pulled her out of public transport, put in the car and drove away in an unknown direction.

“The whole way it kept one of the men to Zhanbota did not resist. Later it turned out that she was brought to the police station. The woman said that during her detention she got a few bruises”, — underlined in the message.

She also said that the police asked her about his political views. They allegedly questioned her as a witness.

As previously reported, public activist and journalist Svetlana Podporou poured sewage in Odessa. This was reported by the ecologist Vladislav Balinsky. He said that the incident occurred in the Summer theatre.

“Svetlana Podporou only in the Summer doused with shit. Words Trukhanova on the ekofest in diskreditatsii green leaf, ON reached its destination. Here, a specific example of coordinated work of the propaganda machine and accused the mayor of corruption has dropped to an open confrontation between the residents of Odessa,” wrote Balinsky.

Under his post, many Odessa citizens outraged by the lawlessness in Odessa.

“This is an outrageous outrage!”, “Anyway, they have only themselves and sling!! Who produces what, the themes and divided”, “It’s just a hell”, “Brutal. You know her as an honest man. Those who did — washed-freaks”, “Davis, this is not Odessa not Odesa. There are Trouhanova and rotten”, “it Seems the mayor really bum bombs. Apparently he feels that illegal lafu can cover and frantic-boost”, — write in comments.

Активистку похитили среди белого дня: «Достали из маршрутки, удерживали силой»

We will remind, the crowd attacked the Deputy of city Council Sergey gusovsky. It poured green paint, threw eggs, and then knocked down and violently pulled into the street.

We also wrote that an unknown person poured a bucket of feces on people’s Deputy Kaplin.

Even politeka reported that activists in Odessa the building of smeared feces.