Action tzemach stunned scandalous statement in court: “They came to my house”

Боевик Цемах ошарашил скандальным заявлением в суде: «Они пришли ко мне домой»

Vladimir tsemakh, who was kidnapped by Ukrainian intelligence officers, made a scandalous statement in court

The former chief of defense of the Slavic brigade of terrorists “DNR” told about the Russian troops in the Donbas.

The gunman, who is suspected that he was hiding missile system “Buk” that shot down a civilian airliner Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in the summer of 2014, refused to admit his guilt. The hearing at which the terrorist was present in the videoconference was held on Tuesday, July 30, writes Insider.

Боевик Цемах ошарашил скандальным заявлением в суде: «Они пришли ко мне домой»

At the meeting Vladimir tsemakh and made his scandalous statement.

Thus, in particular, he stated that he went to war to “defend the homeland”, and the Russian troops in the Donbas, he had not seen.

Briefly he told reporters the story of his arrest by Ukrainian security forces in the occupied Snow: “I was unconscious. A very long time. The detention was carried out by two strangers to me. They came to my house. And took me then by Marinka…”.

Tzemach also said that he worked in as a teacher in the mountain school. “I’m a fighter, who defended their land from those who were shot. Russian soldiers have not seen,” – said the gunman.

We add that the Metropolitan court of Appeal upheld Vladimir Tzemach custody till August 25.

Earlier we wrote that Vladimir tzemach put an end to the Russian involvement in the Downing of the mh17 plane in the summer of 2014.

According to the detained Ukrainian intelligence Thriller, he was hiding missile system “Buk” that shot down the airliner.

“I’m this kid pulled I the Buk is hidden. I’ll even show where it started and where I picked him up,” said tzemach, talking about how complex were taken from the crime scene that claimed the lives of 298 civilians.

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Боевик Цемах ошарашил скандальным заявлением в суде: «Они пришли ко мне домой»

Journalist Yuri Butusov has revealed the role of the Tzemach testimony for a conviction of Russia in the plane crash.

“The tzemach undoubtedly personally knew the commanders of the mercenaries who fought in the Snow. He knew exactly who launched attacks on Ukrainian aircraft in the border area. So it will help to prove part of the Girkin and other Russian military in combat operations on the border. And a proof of the involvement of the Russian Federation to organized invasion strengthens the charges and requirements under the international claims from countries affected by the actions of the Russian Federation”, — said the journalist-a rassledovatel.

We will remind, arrested the gunman involved in the crash of MH17.

As reported Politeka, the crash of MH17 in the Donbas: the network leaked the secret correspondence of Russian.

Also Politeka wrote that Malaysia was struck by a statement about the tragedy with Boeing in the Donbass.