Act 100: taxi drivers fear a breach promoting Uber

amendement-adopte-on-pourraitAffirming that the minister Jacques Daoust attempts to “bring out the back door” that can not bring the front door, the two main associations of Quebec taxis demanding the immediate withdrawal of an article precise Bill 100. they give the minister until 13:30 to do it, otherwise they will withdraw their support for the bill opening the door to UberX service.

The article in question, which allows the Minister of Transport to allow the implementation of a pilot project with Uber, open the door that UberX drivers are exempt from the requirement to hold a class taxi permits 4C.

According to our sources, discussions were held until late last night about this article, stipulating that the minister has the power to allow a pilot project under standards under Bill 100 or “any other law or regulation administered by the Minister. ” This little sentence gives the minister a power considered too arbitrary by the representatives of taxi drivers.

“If this amendment is adopted, it could now be entering through the back door what everybody finds unacceptable by the front door says Benoit Jugand, spokesman for the Coalition of independent workers Steelworkers (RTAM) . The government asks for a blank check to kneel before Uber? ”

The Provincial Committee of consultation of the taxi industry, represented by Guy Chevrette, gives the government until 13:30 to change its legislation.

Taxi drivers call for the adoption of the bill by Friday, when the end of parliamentary work, otherwise they threaten to disrupt the activities of the Grand Prix this weekend.

More details to come.

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