Accusing DTEK of monopoly of the supply of electricity engaged in substitution of concepts – the lawyer

Обвиняющие ДТЭК в монополизации поставок электроэнергии занимаются подменой понятий, – юрист

According to international lawyer Andrew Buzarova, the resolution of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) for the acquisition of DTEK’s distribution companies, “Kievoblenergo” and “Odessaoblenergo” in accordance with the law and European practice. Critics confuse the markets for the supply of electricity and operators of electricity distribution networks

As reported by Ukrainian news, Buzarov stated in the broadcast television channel 112.

“We are talking about electricity and not about the supply of electricity. This is a very important aspect that you need to pay attention. Occurs in fact, the acquisition of networks, but not delivery. Those who criticize, all the while talking about delivery. There is a substitution of concepts. And when we talk about electricity, here we are talking about what we have in fact already from 1 January 2019 introduced new management arrangements for this market. We have today, there are nearly 430 companies engaged in the supply of energy. They get a license. This is in accordance with the requirements of the European Union”, — explained the lawyer.

The expert is sure that Ukraine is moving towards integration with the European energy system.

“But we do have a convergence with the European energy market. Interested in this and Ukraine, in the interests of our European partners. There is the Association agreement, which provides for the introduction of a competitive market. There is a requirement of the relevant European energy package. We have been part of the legislation, which came into force. And we have the corresponding normative-legal acts, which from the point of view of the law implement all this huge pack, the array of documents energieforum,” reminded Buzarov.

As reported, 25 APR AMC by majority vote allowed the DTEK group buy “Kievoblenergo” and “Odessaoblenergo”. “Odessaoblenergo” and “Kyivoblenergo” are the operators of the distribution system in the Odessa and Kyiv regions and do not operate on the electricity supply.

The activities of the operators of the distribution system is completely regulated by the National Commission, carrying out state regulation in spheres of power and utilities (NKREKU). Providing the permission for the concentration, the AMC charged the company a number of obligations, which eliminate any possible impact on adjacent markets – supply and electricity production.