Accused of killing a baby 15 months

1220608The City of Gatineau Police Service (SPVG) on Wednesday arrested a man of 29 years for involuntary a 15 month old child homicide.

Tyler Hunt, Ottawa, is scheduled to appear Thursday.

The death of the toddler back to 15 June 2010.

The death was confirmed June 16, 2010, approximately 24 hours after the initial emergency call.

“At first glance, the deceased child showed no signs of physical abuse, says SPVG by statement. Autopsy and forensic examinations performed subsequently had then failed to establish the exact cause of death of the child. in 2014, investigators asked a pediatric neurologist expert and trainer in physical violence to conduct a review of the case. the advancement of knowledge and medical literature in recent years have brought new light to the file : experts consulted have come to the unanimous conclusion that the death of the child was due to non-accidental fatal head injury. ”

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