According to the Ukrainian intelligence, Alexander Zakharchenko can supply Girkin (VIDEO)

По данным украинской разведки, на место Александра Захарченко могут поставить Гиркина (ВИДЕО)

The leader of the self-proclaimed “Donetsk national Republic” Alexander Zakharchenko eliminated the Federal security service of the Russian Federation. Reporters found that “FRaly”, according to the representative of the Main intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine Vadim Skibicka, there are a number of reasons.

“According to military intelligence of Ukraine, the destruction Zakharchenko is the FSB of the Russian Federation,” said Skibitsky in the air “5 channel”, adding that the restaurant is “Separable”, which had eliminated the action for a long period of time was under the direct control of this Russian structure. In addition, she knew about all the events Zakharchenko in this place.

The reasons for such actions, in his opinion, lies in the struggle for spheres of influence between the power structures of Russia, as well as in the “cleansing” of those who may witness the aggression of Russia against Ukraine in international courts.

A group of FSB officers, who arrived ostensibly to investigate the murder, according to Ukrainian intelligence, in fact, destroy evidence of their involvement. And in order to pick up a new head of the Russian occupation administration.

According to Skibicka, as one of the options Moscow is considering a return to the Donbass, one of the leaders of the Russian fighters in 2014, Igor Girkin (Shooters) that he “did everything possible to stabilize the situation.”

Igor Strelkov (real name Girkin, an officer of the FSB of Russia, who led in early 2014 to capture a number of cities in the East of Ukraine, and according to some of the Crimea. Called himself “commander of the armed forces DND”, “Minister of defence of the DNI and the “military commandant of Donetsk”.

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