Accidents in the airport of the capital: late for a flight a passenger made a “hell” footage of mayhem

ЧП в аэропорту столицы: опоздавший на рейс пассажир устроил "ад", кадры погрома

In the Russian Sheremetyevo airport was an emergency with a passenger who missed the flight

This is reported by Rossm.

The incident occurred on Thursday, October 10, at the terminal V.

The record shows a man trying to get on the tarmac, but the door was locked. After that, he has a foot in the front control for the flight and trying to roll back equipment.

“The man missed the plane. Came, and the doors are closed. Anger broke the computer monitor, broken keyboard, and a printer. Soon the guards came running and overpowered the raging passenger” — written by Rossm in the Telegram.

Due to the action of the control system and rapid response of airport security exit the passenger on the platform was prevented.

Rebel was sent to police for further investigation and registration of administrative offences.

Earlier it was reported that the famous actor Maxim Averin, being in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication, has arranged a drunken brawl on Board the aircraft Barnaul-Moscow. This was announced in the emergency services.

It is known that during the flight, the honored artist of Russia wing mate of the flight attendants and the airline “Aeroflot”.

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ЧП в аэропорту столицы: опоздавший на рейс пассажир устроил "ад", кадры погрома

After arriving in Sheremetyevo him tied up and handed over to the transport police. The actor was placed in the office. When Averin released from there, he was met by journalists. But the questions he answered reluctantly, and in the end, and even rudely asked him not to bother.

Recall, the engine of the plane broke during the flight: fear through the eyes of the passenger.

As reported Politeka, crashed aircraft with the Ukrainians: there are the first pictures from the crash site.

Also Politeka wrote that the aircraft with the passengers erupted in the sky: all because the phone is charging.