Accident of An-12 near Lviv: local residents reported mysterious details of the incident, “the engines of the plane already…”

Катастрофа Ан-12 под Львовом: местные жители сообщили таинственные детали ЧП, «двигатели самолета уже...»

The villagers in the Lviv region has told about a plane crash with cargo plane

Around seven in the morning of 4 October, on the outskirts of the village of Sokolniki crashed military plane An-12, resulting in five people died. And it happened just a few metres from the houses of local residents and the old cemetery. According to local residents, even a little bit, and without a roof would have remained of dozens of villagers.

The runway at Lviv airport literally rests in the gardens of inhabitants of Sokolniki. So planes, darted here and there almost over the heads of the villagers all day – they are not uncommon. But this I do not remember even the old-timers. People falconers told reporters KP in Ukraine, what I heard and saw when disaster struck.

Катастрофа Ан-12 под Львовом: местные жители сообщили таинственные детали ЧП, «двигатели самолета уже...»

“I live here h 1948, but do not remember this. Fly, the noise is horrible, but we have become accustomed. And this morning I heard nothing, apparently sound asleep still,” — says 87 year old lady Olga, whose hut just a few meters away from disaster.

In addition to the old hut Olga, there are a lot of luxury mansions with cameras and guards, thirty metres from the old cemetery.

“Our Windows are noise-proof and heard nothing, but the neighbor says that just walking the dog at seven in the morning, saw he was falling. Told that noise was not special like the truck is coming too fast on concrete. Obviously, aircraft engines have not worked”, say other residents.

Катастрофа Ан-12 под Львовом: местные жители сообщили таинственные детали ЧП, «двигатели самолета уже...»

In addition, children instead of school crowds rush into the field to look at the fallen plane. But they were not allowed there. According to children, they closed all the passages, they say that something can explode.

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Also not surprisingly, the villagers put forward their versions of what happened. Some say that the plane fuel has ended, that did not reach the strip. Others are saying about the fog.

“No, you saw some fog this morning, but missed the pilot… I morning a neighbor milk were taken, she already told me what had happened. Initially thought that the passenger plane, God is merciful, no matter how many victims were… And then they say that supposedly in the cemetery fell,” say the villagers.

Recall that the plane crash in Poland: the helicopter crashed right when landing, the first details of the emergency.

As reported Politeka, mysterious noticed on a place of accident of an-12: “all the way filled…”, exclusive footage.

Also Politeka wrote that “fragments of bodies were scattered”: surfaced details of the disaster An-12 near Lviv.