Accident in Sumy: “new Zaitseva was” justified and gave his version of

ДТП на Сумской: "новая Зайцева" оправдалась и дала свою версию

23-year-old driver of the elite Audi TT commented on the accident, which she did on Sumskaya street in Kharkov

According to her, the accident occurred because of another car which allegedly drove in front of her.

“I 100% saw it turned,” says the owner of a foreign car.

In the incident, four women received minor injuries and was hospitalized.

The investigators found that the driver of the Audi lost control.

Law enforcement authorities have already opened on the fact of road accident the criminal proceedings due to violations of the rules of road safety. All the circumstances establish.

In social networks there were photos of the accident scene, which show that the convertible has a broken windshield.

Comments given the location of the accident and circumstances, has been dubbed the culprit of road accident new Zaitseva.

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ДТП на Сумской: "новая Зайцева" оправдалась и дала свою версию

“Zaytsev multiply”, “Also go to the resort to rest?”, “a friend Zaitseva, pay off, it will not punish a driving school)))”, “That is not the fault of the pedestrians! They are not convinced in perfect security and went out on the sidewalk”, “Parking on pavements has become pochastu for Kharkov…”, “if the pedestrian is more than 2 meters, it is not prohibited”, “judging by the quality of training courses — time ban. Yes, and most drivers wanted to spit on these two meters and the transitions. In General, this problem is city government, which , once again , left it up to the citizens themselves,” – writes under the publications in social networks.

By the way, it is on the street Sumy in October 2017 has been another tragic accident. Then collided with a Lexus and Volkswagen Touareg. The first cars ran a 20-year-old Alena Zaytseva, second – Gennady drones. From collision auto Zaitseva left the pavement and knocked down a group of pedestrians. The victims were 6 people, 5 more injured.

Recall that prison mansion Zaitseva with a double bed brought Ukrainians into a rage.

As reported Politeka, the case Zaitseva was a fiasco, there was a photo of the VIP camera.

Politeka also wrote that the prison’s mansion Zaitseva has caused on the network a flurry of indignation.