Access to benefits: in the past year, the level of poverty in Ukraine has increased to 27%

Доступ к благам: в прошлом году уровень бедности в Украине вырос до 27%

The poverty rate for non-monetary criteria (access to a set of benefits) in 2017 increased to 27%, reports UNN with reference to the message of audit chamber.

“In 2017, in accordance with the assessment indicators of poverty according to the absolute criterion and indicators of incomes of the population as a whole have been positive developments in the situation with poverty in Ukraine. However, the poverty rates for relative poverty show a tendency to increase,” — noted in the chamber.

As explained by a member of the chamber of accounts Vasyl Nevidomy, the Strategy of overcoming poverty by 2020, expanded the understanding of poverty to non-monetary aspects of social exclusion. And from 2015 in Ukraine is the assessment of the level of poverty non-monetary criterion by 4 out of 9 deprivations according to the EU methodology. By the state statistic Committee, are still being evaluated in 4 of the 18 signs of deprivation.

“Catechesi approach — monetary, when the poverty line spend the money. If a person has no such current revenue, he is poor. New approaches that Europe has used, not monetary. All is not measured by money, and a certain set of benefits. The EU has identified 9 items benefits. If they do not exist 3 — people deprovisosine. If 4 is extreme deprivation. For comparison, the level of material deprivation for the 28 countries of the EU by the end of 2016 is 16%, and the deep material deprivation was 8%. In Ukraine these figures in 2017 accounted for 42% and 27% respectively”, — said Nevidomy.

In Ukraine, the population suffered from the inability to afford unexpected required expenses with its own resources. The value of this indicator in Ukraine was 1.6 times higher (60% versus 36% in the EU). Other signs of deprivation of a population in Ukraine was in 2017 in 2-7 times more than in EU countries.

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Suffered from the economic tension in the face, are part of large households, the population aged 60 years and older rural population.

Analysis of the audit chamber showed that in 2017, 9% of the population suffered from all three forms of poverty — a relative measure of expenditure, income is below the actual subsistence level and signs of deprivation.

Share deprivileging individuals in 4 of the 18 signs of deprivation in 2017 was the largest in the last 10 years, almost in all groups of households.

The vast majority of Ukrainians could not afford to make unexpected expenses, more than half have not had the opportunity to relax with the family at least one week a year. Third most common problem of the Ukrainians is the lack of access to quality health services. So, 31,7% of the population had no money to buy prescribed medicines and medical supplies, and 30% — to pay for doctor and hospital treatment without surgery.

No less acute than the problem of poverty, for Ukraine is the problem of social exclusion. In General, it is manifested as limited access to certain categories of persons, especially vulnerable, to vital goods and services, and through the low level of availability of social services for the General population.

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