Academics bees are back

projet-ruche-campus-udes-photo(Sherbrooke) Collocation between university students and the bees again this year, this time with the acquisition of two hives per hive Campus.

Last year, it is 30 kg of honey were collected by the project. By doubling its facilities this year, the project will, in addition to harvest honey and caring for bees, raise awareness to the plight of the honey-manufacturers.

Beehive collaboration between Campus and some research professors allow students in ecology and geomatics to perform work related to the environment of the hive.

An initiative of the new Committee for Education and Research Campus Hive. The organization, which is in its second year, would like to know more about the honey plants and pollinating insects that are in the same space that bees and their hive.

In addition to this research, another committee was created.

The latter focusing more on the preparation of outreach. Although awareness of the student community of the University of Sherbrooke will still continue this year, educational activities have also been created for the Estrie elementary students. They are very curious and interested in the world of bees. Already the first meetings with children show their thirst to learn more about the subject.

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