Abstinence from alcohol: what changes occur in the body

All research is easy to check for yourself: just abstain from alcohol for one month!

Відмова від алкоголю: які зміни спостерігаються в організмі

The rejection of the use of alcohol causes physical and mental changes in humans. Refusing completely from the “green dragon” at least a month, it is easy to make yourself. Alcohol triggers the appetite in two ways: it reduces the ability of the brain to control feelings of hunger and irritating the bowel. Drinking at least half a glass of beer or wine, you will eat 20% more than I would like! Not drinking wine, beer, and spirits, the person starts to eat less and reduces your calorie intake, informs Rus.Media.

If drinking promotes sleep: we do easier, “otkluchitsa” after a glass of the second. Unfortunately, this is not healthy sleep. Alcohol confuses the rhythms of the brain (alpha and beta), which makes sleep restless and nervous. So really good night’s sleep with the help of wine, beer or vodka will not work. Drink less – eat less. Without alcohol it is much easier to get rid of excess weight, because the body is deprived of ethanol – a great source of energy. To get a “charge” is much easier than from fat, so our bodies are included in the breakdown of alcoholic beverages and fatty tissue is not touched.

Alcohol is a diuretic (diuretic) that helps to eliminate fluid from the body. But, unlike tea and coffee which are diuretics, alcohol reduces the body’s production of antidiuretic hormone (vasopressin or ADH) needed to reabsorb water. Failure of production of vasopressin may lead to the development of diabetes insipidus, but what else is important: the shortage of ADH, the body literally begins to dry, which is primarily manifested in the skin. Therefore, alcoholic beverages can cause aging of the skin, and such skin diseases as eczema or dandruff.

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The journal New Scientist conducted a study on the effect of abstinence from alcohol on performance and cholesterol content. It turned out that the man who does not drink for 30 days, increases its efficiency by 17-18%. During the same period, the level of cholesterol in the subjects decreased on average by 5%, because, having lost the ethanol, the body began to process fats-triglyceride.

Alcohol is a depressant, that is the mood of it deteriorates rather than improving. Alcohol fun – fickle thing, and easily goes into a rage and/or melancholy. As alcohol-containing drinks adversely affect libido, both in men and women. So if in this area there were problems, try to give up for a month or even a week from any beverage that contains alcohol.

Regular consumption of alcohol can lead to stroke and neuropathy. First, alcohol increases the pressure and knocks of heart rhythm. Secondly, it just poisons the nerves (or rather the blood that nourishes).

As for the heart, drinking helps” the accumulation of fatty plaques in the arteries, causing people on the consumption of fatty foods. When we drink alcohol, our hypothalamus, which regulates various endocrine processes in the body receives the signal that we want your grease.

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